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  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Premier Icon Andy_Sweet
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    Anyone suffered from this? Any words of wisdom/advice? How long am I looking at for recovery?

    Premier Icon mrmoofo
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    Depends how severe it is. I very nearly ruptured mine – specialist tells me that still may happen, recovery was quoted as 6 weeks.
    But I am old – in reality I was limping for about 6 months.
    Three years on, and it is fine

    Words of wisdom – once you have suffered it – warm up and cool down. Do stretches – it’s important
    And don’t stand up on the pedals ( says my surgeon)

    Premier Icon dyna-ti
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    I’ve got it and have for about a decade and no matter the steps(pun) i take it wont completely heal(2nd pun) and i guess im stuck with it until it ruptures or so.
    From I believe standing up riding, in clipless.

    If it helps. I find walking it hurts like hell quite quickly, but if i walk say 50-100m and stop for a few minutes, the initial stretching from that means when I continue, there is less pain(up until a certain distance/time, but some initial stretching does help.

    Premier Icon Dickyboy
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    15yrs in since my first bout, worst its ever been now since trying to run a half marathon in April caused by me not doing warm up/down exercise. Follow your physios exercise regime.

    Premier Icon Stainypants
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    Ive had it since Feb first time despite running ultras etc in the past. Did walking too much after shoulder surgery when I couldn’t run. I changed physios and I’m now getting shockwave therapy on it second round tomorrow. The treatment is bloddy painfull hopefully it will work.

    Premier Icon god1406
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    I had it several years ago after doing TransAlp. Swollen/creaking Achilles and unpleasant sensations at the tendon. It felt like my Achilles were constantly at their “max stretch”, even when standing/walking.

    I can’t remember how long recovery took, but it wasn’t more than a couple of months and it’s never come back. I swam and stayed off the bike for a while. Took it easy walking down stairs, no jumping, etc. Saw a physio. It was probably caused by my cleats being too far forward.

    Premier Icon limburger
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    I have had it for over twenty years. Last really bad episode came on not long before the first lockdown, after a particularly gruelling squash match (and without sufficient stretching/cooling down – yes, I know). I decided to take advantage of lockdown and do no exercise at all for six months (except for gentle walking), and I have now been pain free for the first time in many years. I even started running again, without any issues, and cycling is totally fine. All the tightness in the tendon (and those of you who have got it will know exactly how that feels) is completely gone. Fingers crossed. But it does confirm that, for some at least, extended rest is key to recovery.

    Premier Icon stuey
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    Get a strassburg sock

    Helps your tendon heal back at the right length

    Premier Icon Onzadog
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    Have a read up on the alfredson protocol. I was having some bother a while back when I restarted running and I found it really helpful.

    Premier Icon dyna-ti
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    computer printer

    I’ve heard of the step exercise, but tbh never really put it to any set routine. Think I will, best move really.

    Premier Icon marcg868
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    7 weeks, was agony at work as I’d just had knee surgery on my other leg so was trying to not walk on that as much. My Achilles eventually ruptured and apart from the initial pain and surgical repair pain it was a relief, 8 weeks in a cast and another 4 weeks of physio then phased return to work. Was hardly in work at all late 2013 till Late October 2014. Not amused in the slightest.

    Premier Icon bsims
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    Are your lower leg muscles tight?
    If so try calf and anterior tibialis stretches along with rolling them.

    Premier Icon reeksy
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    Might not help you but you never know. Have you seen a podiatrist? Years ago I saw a podiatrist about knee and back issues, on recommendation of a physio (who incidentally explained to me the difference between tendonitis and tendonopathy). The work he did was nothing short of revelatory. A ‘side effect’ was that the Achilles pain I’d had for nearly 20 years literally disappeared in a fortnight.

    Premier Icon mccraque
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    @andy_sweet – Mid portion or insertional?

    I’ve had the latter for best part of 11 years, although managing it having cancelled operations 3x now (every surgeon has their own opinion and method…all seemed severe!). Insertional is often mechanical and caused by heel spurs / haglund deformity – so worth getting that checked if it is…because the underlying issue isn’t going to go away.

    I’ve tried so many things now – much of the treatment prescribed from my physios (and I have tried a few!) seems to be generic. Loading, eccentric dips.

    The best physio I found also worked with me to strengthen all of the calf muscles, other leg muscles, running gait and stride length. Mine took a while to settle, and from time to time flares again – but I know how to manage it and back off the running a bit.

    Interestingly cycling doesn’t hurt it – no pain at all. But not sure if it doesn’t aggravate it as it always feels better after a week or so off the bike!

    Premier Icon Andy_Sweet
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    I haven’t had a formal diagnosis yet. Although have spoken to my physio on the phone… I’m hoping it’s not too serious as it has improved over the past couple of days. Think I’m gonna quit running; to many minor niggles.

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