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  • accommodation for Snowdon
  • Any tips?

    Looking for self catering for 2/3 nights for 6+.
    Must have bike storage and good kitchen, ideally located nearish to other riding.

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    my apologies old bean I hope my brusque approach did not upset your delicate constitution.

    Please would anyone have any tips for Snowdon accommodation?

    Thank you.


    I know a place but I’m unsure whether to recommend it. Its pub close by is abit, well not my thing:

    . I’d say look at places within say 50-10miles and drive to the ride in the morning. It’d only add 30mins but you’d have the choice of a better evening/fun.

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    Basic bunk house style but with kitchen and the rest, not sure about using the bike shed as it might be for the club only but if it’s nice and quiet up there and you could probably put the bikes in the cottage (unless the resident PMC’r on here spots it and says no)

    thank you, a few to check out

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    Try the Eagles bunkhouse in Penmachno, half an hour from Llanberis and the Penmachno trails can be ridden from the door. Have a nice selection of beers in the bar too!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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