Accident on 8th April – Clapham North at about 7.40am

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  • Accident on 8th April – Clapham North at about 7.40am
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    ouch !

    sorry, nothing to add – was the van driver obviously aware that they’d hit you ?
    I assume the other rider stopped; what did they say ❓

    Tricky to say for sure if the van driver knew; but if you ran over a brick you’d probably know you had, so I’m guessing that the driver probably did know – but I’m not saying that it’s the driver fault. One other cyclist did stop – he said he crashed into me as another cyclist to his left swerved to “avoid a drain”. That seems a bit lame really. I’d just like to hear from someone who might actually have seen it all happen. Seeing your tibia sticking out of the side of your leg kinda makes you want to get to the bottom of things. Cheers, Mac

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    That seems a bit lame really

    Perfectly possible though, I rode into a car at 25mph without any reason at all. Accidents happen. Concentrate on healing rather than trying to place blame, though I know your mind will be playing it over constantly. Healing vibes your way anyway

    Hi, I am keen to find some witnesses who saw how this accident happened; any help would be much appreciated. At about 7.40am on Tuesday 8th April was was about 70 yards past Clapham North station on Clapham Road on the way to Kennington, when another cyclist hit me very hard from behind and to the left. I came down; and was then run over by a white van. The van smashed my tibia and fibia, and failed to stop. I now have about 16 inches of titanium (so it’s not all bad) holding my tibia together. The police don’t seem that bothered to find the van. I’d really like to hear from anyone who saw all this unfold; in particular how it was that the other cyclist hit me. If you can help, or you know anyone that saw the accident, could you text me on 07920466085. Cheers, Mac

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    Ouch. Heal well.

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    Any cctv near? If so I’m sure you can ask for a copy and best of luck with your recovery

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