Absurd Query – chainstay protectors

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  • Absurd Query – chainstay protectors
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    I am building a rather nice bicycle. I have been collecting parts, and am genuinely very pleased with the refined, classy, high-end, functional and beautiful assortment of components, and the pleasing way they hang together.

    However, I am missing a bit. I do not have a chainstay protector.

    This bike deserves nothing less than the finest chainstay protector (budgetary restraint has largely broken down…)

    Does anyone have any recommendations for this important component?

    Thanking you 🙂


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    Perfect! That’s lovely, and I’d never heard of them. Ordered.

    Anyone else should still feel free to suggest using an old inner tube, obviously.




    Or the “Loop” side of sitcky back velcro tape, colour matched to the frame. The bit of cushioning it provides damps the noise.

    Or an innertube obvs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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