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  • About to rip out a gas fire is there a…………..
  • Premier Icon postierich

    flexible hose leading to my gas pipe behind the fire.I,m not going to disconnect @ the moment just want to check the flue and brick work so just wanting to pull the fire out.

    Cheers Rich (not corgi registered)

    Put your fag out,


    Run! Run away! Quick!

    I’d turn the lever off, at the meter. There will still be a small amount of gas in the pipe, though.

    I’d get better advice than I can offer. Probably easy, but you can never take risks, with Gas.


    Postierich ponders the possibility he may have made a slight oversight, somewhere…

    Premier Icon postierich

    Guys ye of no faith only want to move it a foot to inspect and point/repair the plaster!!!
    Whats the going rate for a disconnect and connect a new fire froma corgi reggie man/woman?
    Turn off of the gas not an option as the heatings on!

    Rich (very bored and I need to do something)


    Find something else to do, for God’s sake!

    Gas is the one thing I will never touch. Call me paranoid, but I’d rather pay money, than risk killing meself, or indeed, anyone else!

    Go fettle a bike, or something!

    Its a lot cheaper than your fine / to mess with the gas withput being gorgi is totally illegal, your house / building insurance is void … the list goes on

    Premier Icon postierich


    Will be getting a corgi man/woman in

    Why a corgi, I have a Yorky Terrorist you can borrow 😆

    You, prob be looking at around £60-80 for a reconnect and test. that’s what we have to pay to ours for hobs anyhow.

    There won’t be a flexible hose BTW as it has to be piped solid, you might be lucky and it’ll be in micro bore though which by nature is quite flexible.

    Quite flexible, but if its been done a few times before, could be snappable with a little cack-handedness. Seeing as i work on a gas rig, and am used to piping gas, and phosgene in the past, among other things, these things dont really phase me, but as the above posts state, totally illegal for you to touch it. And if youre getting a man in anyway, why the curiousity to look at it? You know you want to touch really.

    Actually there is nothing “totally illegal” as Neverfastenuff puts it about doing some of your own gas work. It is a good ruse to ensure plenty of work for CORGI fitters, and for many people, is their best bet. If you are being paid for it, you MUST be CORGI registered. For DIY, then according to the gas regulations you need to be “competent”.

    You get to decide what that means, – or to prove it should “imcompetent” work put you in a court. Personally I do my own.

    My decision was made from the fact he was asking about it, gave away the fact he wasnt experienced, which goes hand in hand with competence, at least in a legal sense.

    So what do your neighbours think, do you go round and say, please get under the table and put your fingers in your ears cos I wont be a minute blowing half the bloody street up….

    talk to coolhandluke first – resi H&S dude!

    Premier Icon geoffj

    freeform5spot – glad you edited that 🙂

    I know the square root of **** all about gas fire installation.

    But TBH if there is plenty of slack in the pipe, what could go wrong????

    mountaincarrot, you may as well get Michael Crawford in to do your gas thingys….


    Go on give it a go!

    Just be careful and competent and don’t force it if it won’t move!

    And there is nothing wrong with being curious! 😆

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