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  • Aberystwyth – decent, quiet campsite?
  • cheez0

    Devils bridge.
    Bloody ace.

    Premier Icon cb

    There’s one in the town but that may be the ‘holiday village’ one that you are referring to – certainly has arcade etc. We found another (due to the first trying to charge us 20 odd quid each to pitch small tents) further north on the road out of Aber. There was a sign to it on the road. It was really shit but qualified under your criteria of quiet! Sorry for vagueness as I don’t know Aber well enough to name road names etc


    Just along the coast in Borth is what you are looking for.

    Many happy memories of that place!


    All the ones I can find are “holiday village” types – any recommendations for something a bit more basic.

    We’re looking to walk part of the coast path one day, and probably ride at Nant Y Arian, Doethie etc on others.


    strato – isnt Borth the @rse end? I remember it being full of statics and the one campsite I found was full of burnt out cars.

    I think your link is a different one though.

    So, what’s Borth like of an evening?

    cheezo – Woodslands at Devils Bridge looks good, a bus or drive to Aber or riding, unless you know any rides starting from the doorstep?


    Devils Bridge is lovely, the only thing is the dishwashing facilities are a little sparse (one sink with no rain cover) 5 years ago.

    Everything else is great, especially the metal deer and anchors. Nant-Yr-Arian just up the road.


    camped at the Aber Holiday Village a couple of years ago, not too holiday park like. showers and toilets all good and within 5 – 10 min walk of aber town centre, so well placed for pubs etc.

    i would stay again.

    Anyone ridden from Devils Bridge to Nant Yr Arian? Only just realise how close they are.

    Or routes in the forest east of Devils Bridge – looks like there ought to be some stuff there.


    I’ll be riding through that forest on Saturday. 😀

    Tell me more, I dont even know its name. I’ve ridden in Hafren Forest, Dyfi, etc

    Thanks, looks like a good climb 😉

    Premier Icon CaptainCrash

    ….it’s a much better descent 😉

    Any suggestions on a loop that incorporates this?

    agentdagnamit – that forest east of devils bridge is called Myherin. Sadly I never got round to riding it while at uni in Aber, but I know from friends that have that there is most definitely some very good stuff in there.


    I grew up a couple of miles from Devil’s Bridge and would defo recommend it. Did some great riding there as a kid, albeit on a ropey BMX!


    Two campsites in Devils bridge. Woodlands gets a bit crowded in holidays but should be OK now. Also camping at the farm at route into forest 755793. Nice scenic campsite at top of Cwmystwyth 824752.


    And site edge of town 614807. Have seen it recommended on here before.

    Premier Icon dreednya

    That descent is awesome, three routes down, so if you keep to the right you’ll get to the steepest one, averages 1:4 on bedrock and peaks at 39% :). A great slide down from the top, you kinda ride over the edge and can’t really see where you’re riding apart form in a rut :). Loses over 600 vertical feet, though a couple of others lose 500′ of vertical. Its a bit like the Dyfi, but I would say steeper climbs (definitely – there’s a fire road climb that goes 1:5 and then 1:4 and someone recorded 1:3 for a short section!) and generally steeper descents.

    Really is a missed gem, only started looking in there a couple of years ago when it became clear that bits of Nant may be out-of-bounds for a bit if the wind farm goes ahead.

    Some of my mums friends have a caravan here. Its a lovely spot and very quiet but a bit isolated. You can camp. Bit holiday park obviously but small and quiet.

    thanks dreednya, that sounds excellent, I’ll use your strava route to get to the top of it.

    Premier Icon dreednya

    Then this is a good route from the car park by the Arch http://app.strava.com/segments/1955401

    Thanks again, got enough for a couple of day now, with NyA extensions

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