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  • Abdominal Biopsy – Painful/after effects?
  • Premier Icon bentandbroken

    Anyone had one?

    I am escorting a elderly relative on a long trip to London for a biopsy. They are investigating three areas in the pelvis/abdomen area

    Timings are Blood tests at 8am
    Biopsy at 10’ish
    Released 4-6 hours later

    Trip is about 30 mins on the tube, 1:15 on a train and another hour’ish in a car (there and back). That’s

    The relative does not remember the discomfort they had after the last one (about 5 years ago), but I do. However, the trip to/from that one was only about 30 mins in a car

    Is this an unrealistic journey after the Biopsy?

    Tp make matters worse, I am then taking them on a 4+ hour drive the following day

    Can anyone give me any real world experiences, advise or pointers?


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    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I reckon you’re the best placed to answer this one

    Sounds like quite a trip though and I’m guessing the tube might mean at least a bit of walking

    Taxi to train station ?
    Cheapish hotel for the evening ?
    Ask the hospital in advance ? – they may be able to offer a bed overnight, or suggest options

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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