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  • Aarrggghhhh! Krampus envy!!!!!
  • ijs445ra

    Would a Krampus wheelset fit in an OO Fatty?


    Well I’m selling my full build, see the classifieds.



    I’m sure AndyRT will be along shortly with his comments 😀
    We both went down to the Bikemonger and borrowed Charlie’s demo for an hour or two.
    Think it’s safe to say that we were both impressed…

    Premier Icon AndyRT

    I have to admit to being utterly smitten.

    I see a Christmas Goblin in my future


    I saw you too at the end of your ride as I’d stopped for an ice cream on my way back from Kimmeridge 🙂


    Is the idea of this tyre size that its got the benefits of fat bikes on trails but less drawbacks?


    Yes. Fast rolling, nice low pressure, plenty of give and grip.
    Currently outfitting mine for some bikepacking 🙂

    Premier Icon chainslapp

    but less drawbacks?

    Out of curiosity Al, what are the drawbacks of a Fat Bike?

    +1 for 27.5+ or whatever it’s called, the forks on my el-mariachi are brutal so i was pondering just that today!

    Premier Icon AndyRT

    simondbarnes, it’s a corker of a route with some great views and obviously the tank that belongs to Frank.

    In regards to the conversion to Krampus?

    It is a smoothy, but equally it makes riding harder and more challenging, yet easier and more swoopy. Confused?

    Then get on one and have a go…

    The krampus is a bike that has taken me quite sometime to unlock all its secret powers. I had a wonderful ride on the krampus on Tuesday night, one particular corner heading towards aglestone rock captured everything that is right about this bike. It’s a sandy tight corner, which normally involves a lot of braking and mid corner adjustments : headed in silly fast, flicked bars, foot out to get balance and weight where it’s needed, back tyre drifted out in the dust in a lovely predictable way, slide into the micro berm… No brakes required… Never been through this trail faster. Wonderful.

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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