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  • legend

    hora – Member

    Are Trek serious?

    Not Trek remember, Trek World Racing which is a 23 Degrees (Martin Whitely) team.

    However, as title sponsor, the Trek brand is also really being dragged through the mud by this

    As far as I can see, whiteleys **** up big time.
    I wouldnt he surprised if trek and 23degrees part ways soon.
    Would you be happy if your team manager let prob the best dh racer in the world go, because of a contract balls up?


    I think he assumed he had a better relationship with Aaron than he thought he had.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    What was the video then? A pisstake?

    The plot will continue to thicken, I reckon. Though I strongly doubt it’ll end up in court.


    Nope it was Gwin signing the actual non-contract as part of a documentary


    video now removed by the user, at least they finally did something right

    Shame, the amount of negative comments on that video was hilarious

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Someone has re-posted it…

    Very childish of TWR to post that up at this point. I get the impression Whiteley is used to getting his own way.


    Trek got what they deserve – anyone that uses the phrase ‘reach out’ should be shot, let alone have a rider who hasn’t signed a contract leave.


    Gwin on Oprah ?

    Premier Icon edd

    As mentioned above Trek must be seriously annoyed by the way 23degrees (Trek World Racing) and Martin Whiteley have handled this. I don’t see Trek hanging around as title sponsor with 23 degrees for long.

    Interesting opinion piece on Pink Bike:


    Who’s to say this wasn’t done with Trek’s knowledge? Basically Gwin’s statement says that the contract wasn’t what was expected, impossible to say who knew about it.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Was thinking about this… There’s 2 things that make Gwin so bankable- one is that he’s the best downhill racer in the world, obviously.

    But the other is that he’s a marketing man’s dream- all-american, straight-talking, respectful, all that. You’d take him home to meet your mum. So up til now, when he says something like “Working with Shimano is brilliant, they listen to us, they make the brakes we want so the brakes you buy will be better, and the failure at the worlds was just bad luck and doesn’t reflect on them at all”, people listened. He’s a convincing dude and his word carries a lot of weight.

    But now, when he says things like “I love Specialized, I’ll be racing here for years, Avid are the best man”, people are more likely to think “hmm”.

    So I reckon it’s maybe an attack on the Gwin brand- they know it’s a done deal but they can reduce his value to Specialized.

    Either that or it really is just childish knobbery. Unsure.

    Premier Icon Shandy

    Is that one of those legally-binding Youtube videos? These chumps are embarrassing themselves. They got the guy to sign something to say they would form an agreement, then they failed to come to an agreement.


    unfortunately Northwind’s second theory falls apart as he’s somehow forgotten all about hair colour.. No one listened to anything Rennie had to say when he was the fastest downhill rider in the world, everyone still wanted to be Kovarik then moved on to Hill skipping poor old renoir forcing him to hit the drink.


    It’s all an enormous ploy to pull heat away from that other former trek rider, Lance thingymajig

    mr plow

    Can’t remember where I read it but is says about specialized supplying the frames so he might still be on fox/shimano/redbull etc. Think there will be a few of these mixed up teams in 2013 with people staying on their induvidual component deals etc

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