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    My experience of Roval rims suggests that was not a Roval rim 😆


    Re Kerr’s DQ; the 2 images in peachos’ post show the tape being moved significantly. was that because of his crashing into the poles or did they move them before meaning they were tighter than he would have expected?

    I thought it was moved before Kerr’s run, but it seems like it was moved (wider) after he knocked the tape down. Subsequent riders then landed in a similar width to Kerr (i.e. they would have also been DQ’d), which adds to the complexity of the issue.

    Either way, Kerr has held his hands up and admitted he went out of the tape and deserved the DQ, as that’s the rule. Not that he necessarily agrees with the rule.

    Wideopenmag has a good interview with him on the matter: http://wideopenmag.co.uk/news/22963/we-talked-to-bernard-kerr-about-his-world-cup-disqualification

Viewing 2 posts - 161 through 162 (of 162 total)

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