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  • AAAARGH! What's that creak?
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    Pedal bearings?
    Loose headset?
    Shock bushings?

    take the seatpost out and try it..

    put the bike on the floor hold the grip and put some pressure on the pedal..
    i would say its the pivots if theve just been replaced theve probably bedded in if they can…
    undo them and torque them up again..
    or record the oise and what your doing upload it to youtube and put that link on here…that would help the bike boffins on here….could be millions of things..

    Pivots not torqued correctly


    To add to what has already been suggested…

    – Rear skewer might need some grease and/or additional torquing up.
    – (Some) Chain ring bolts might be a little loose.

    Pivots a possibility I guess. Pretty sure it’s not the pedals it’s the same both sides, and it does it when I’m stood up so I don’t reckon seatpost. I’m currently wondering if it could be the splines on the crank going. Might stick the cranks on my hardtail frame and see what happens

    My bike is making a creak. When I stand on the pedals, it’s like a “click click” as I rock back and forth.

    It’s not the bottom bracket. It’s not the wheel, the dropouts or the QR. I’m *pretty* sure it’s not the pivots as they’ve all been replaced or cleaned recently, plus it does it exactly the same wherever in it’s travel the bike is (I’ve tried it upside down, in a workstand, with the shock out… All the same). It does it wherever the cranks are in their rotation.



    Try running some light oil into the join between the crank and the bb outer. Maybe try some oil on the seatpost clamp / qr too. I think it was one of these got rid of my annoying creak.

    Definitely not the crank ‘cos I just tried that in a different frame. Not seatpost ‘cos it does it without one in. Pretty sure it’s not chainring bolts as it does it in both rings the same (plus it doesn’t do it on the other frame).

    I’ve regreased and tightened the axle, but there looks to be some deformation on the dropout / mech hanger, so that is definitely a possibility. Otherwise it must be pivots, I guess.


    Suffered similar on my FSR for a while. Turned out to be the rear derailleur hanger. The little allen bolt securing it to the frame was nearly sheared through.
    New bolt & hanger cured the noise.

    Just ordered a new hanger from Cotic, fingers crossed…


    Have you tried different pedals on it?

    I had a click click recently and it turns out to BFe the qr lever being too close to the Horst link and catching on compression.

    It’s not the front mech cable hitting the crank is it?


    what type of bb is it? I had similar with a sq taper unit and while the bb was fine, the insert on the nds was slightly loose (couldn’t feel any play – noise only showed up under reasonable load). you say “crank splines” so i’m wondering if it’s isis or octalink….


    or is it an integrated headset – they all do that sir.


    btw…how did you stand on the pedals when the bike was upside down?


    This helped me recently, hope it helps. Rough Ride this weekend so hope the cleaning worked and its not a cracked frame like Antares has !


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    Have you got a Fox fork?

    Not tried different pedals, but I’ve tried the crank and BB on a different frame and silence, so I don’t think it’s them. Good shout on the QR, I’ll double check that but I’ve tried it with two different skewers and it’s the same, so probably not.

    It’s a (brand new!) XT HTII BB, with FSA Gravity cranks. They’re pretty old, but since it doesn’t do it on the other frame I think I can rule out the cranks. Pretty sure it’s not the headset, with the bike in a workstand if I pull the back brake I can rock the cranks and make it creak. I didn’t actually stand on the cranks with it upside down (though that would have been amusing!) – actually stood on the rear brake lever and put pressure on the pedal with my hands.

    Had a good look at the frame and can’t see any cracks!

    And it’s a Lyrik.


    lol same boat…..

    just replaced my bb for a hope bb… still the same…. it always creaks under heavy load when am cranking up the peddle power….so what am thinking is that when doing that the chain is pulling the drive side of the frame slightly forward creating a twisting motion hence the creak… so thinking pivot bearings

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    Before you get your new hanger, pop the old one out and give it a good clean, and the frame, then grease up the surface and rebolt it on.

    Then, spray some gt85 or similar on the rear mech pivots.

    If you’ve checked all the the usual suspects, there’s not much left.

    Think I’ve narrowed it down… There is a spacer either side of each of the Horst link bearings, and two of the four have worn down so much as to be a “C” instead of an “O”… Now I need to find some new ones!

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    Get a mate to sit on the bike and move it to make the noise.

    Then get a metal bar, socket extension something like that, and place it on every point bearing etc until you find the creak.

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