A year and a bit on – Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize.

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  • A year and a bit on – Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • What are people’s thoughts on this?

    Guy is a complete and utter warmonger if you ask me.

    Aw come on – decent subject worthy of debate.


    Allright then- heres my two pence worth.
    I think he has inherited a situation left by Bush and co, and has to do something with it. The American institution allways has to stick their oar in somewhere in the world- at the moment it seems to be Korea.
    Obama is just the president- i reckon theres people behind the scenes with the real power to make decisions.

    Maybe i’ve just watched the X Files too much!


    The US president is beholden to the people, senate, party, congress, etc. If he had got elected and then admitted that he was a flower power hippy and was going to stop all US involvement in wars, etc, he’d have been out of there in a couple of days. His hands are tied.


    He is just full of hot air … c’mon let’s play with Dear Leader.


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    at least he had the decency to be kind of embarrassed that he’d got the nobel, he thought he’d had no real achievement to assign it to…

    I agree with the other posters, he can only do what the senate and congress go with and the majority of the ruling elite in the US are oil dependant which leads to conflict and deals with questionable regimes

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    well hes done well to get this through


    Under the deal, Russia and the US will cut deployed nuclear warheads by 30%.


    still the worng decision now as it was last year still better than the last president as I dont live there i have nothing else to add.


    He’s not as funny as the last fella. Can’t think of any other differences.


    He strikes me as a decent enough chap.

    Why do you have him marked down as a warmonger SBZ ?

    Probably something to do with his request for the biggest ever defence budget for next year.


    Is that it ?

    Warmonger: A warmonger is a pejorative term that is used to describe someone who is eager to encourage a people or nation to go to war.

    So as we can see, that fits Obama like a glove.


    He won that for not being Bush. Tbh his heart is in the right place (health reforms, homosexuals in the military), but he is being hobbled at every turn by an American right wing which is pretty fundamentalist by our standards and cannot accept that they are being led by a black man and one with muslim heritage at that.


    Sadly he is not in charge of what the US does.

    I felt that he got the Nobel prize for what people hoped he might do rather than what he had done. Now the poor bugger has to live up to it and wont be able to.

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    A pre-emptive attack on Iran was the most likely war of choice that the US could involve itself in when he took office. It hasn’t come anywhere near happening. Iraq wound down on schedule. The fighting in Afghanistan chugs on. This is policy failure but hardly war-mongering.

    What other wars has he started?

    Indicating a willingness to use force to defend allies doesn’t really count.

    But the Nobel was always daft, yes.


    cannot accept that they are being led by a black man and one with muslim heritage at that.

    18% think he is a Muslim
    40% think he is a socialist

    Between 20 percent and 23 percent said Mr. Obama is “a racist,” “anti-American” and “is doing many of the things that Hitler did.” Fourteen percent went so far as to agree that Mr. Obama “may be the anti-Christ” while 13 percent said “he wants the terrorists to win.”

    right wing fundamentalist presumably

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    Giving him the prize was ridiculous, but he hasn’t invaded anyone so I guess that’s progress.


    I think him being better than Bush is worthy of an award.

    I heard on the radio the other day, a claim that George Bush Mk2, deliberately made himself look stupid while he was in the white house. Apparently, he did this because he was acutely aware (with his searing intellect) that the American people don’t like a president who is too smart. The claimee also suggested that reagan did the same thing.

    All I can say is that if Reagan would have acted that well when he was in the movies, he’d have won a great many Oscars.

    As far as Bush pretending to be stupid, he also did a fine job. He certainly had me fooled.

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