A work colleague died last night.

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  • A work colleague died last night.
  • Not a ‘mate’ of mine by any means but our workplace was in shock today. The guy who died was 49 yr old & perhaps one of the fittest guys there. He ran to work every morning, about 4 miles, ran at lunchtime, ran home, played lots of football, was going to do a 1/2 marathon in Majorca in summer etc etc.
    Looks like he’d played footy last night, gone home & just keeled over. No idea what the cause was as yet but someone he’d been talking to said he’d been having a few headaches lately.
    8 years younger than me & a lot, lot fitter. 😕


    Awful, makes you realise you need to cram as much fun in as you can because you just never know. We had one of our managers die in a car accident on the way home from work years ago, it was so so sad in the office for everyone inc those that didn’t know him. Thoughts to all affected.

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    Is a real shock when something like this happens. I hope you and your colleagues can help each other through it over the next days and weeks.

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    My line manager died of lung cancer a couple of years ago. We lost a colleague to sudden heart failure last year, and another to a heart attack 6 years ago.

    Last weekend a former colleague died of pancreatic cancer just 7 months after diagnosis. He was 34 and due to get married this year.

    Life is precarious and precious. Make the most of it.


    Sad news, OP, but I’ve been to lots of funerals of running club friends over the years, from 31 to 70 years, and sadly I have to conclude that being fit doesn’t make us immortal.

    Life is precarious and precious. Make the most of it.

    very well said mate.


    Lost a work mate of ten years, and a neighbour of four years. He didn’t drink or smoke, ran , played basketball, climbed etc. he got cancer of the asophagus and passed away with 16 months. Very sad, he was 32.
    My thoughts are with you.


    Sorry to hear that, however he was enjoying life to the full by the sounds of things. Far better to go that way than some long and drawn out illness.
    Hope his family can take solace in that.
    A good reminder to make the most of every day.

    Ps also good reminder to make sure will is up to date!

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    a friend died whilst out mountain biking a couple of week ago.
    53, fit. life is shyte sometimes.


    My cousin died yesterday morning she had been battling cancer for 10 years and lost , tis sad and my Mum died just before Christmas still can’t believe it, life is fragile, so treat it well….


    Nope , being fit doesn’t make you immortal, but it does help you to pack more in.
    I cringe when I hear people telling me what they would do when they retire or when they had more time. They will probably never do those things, when they could be doing them now.
    Anything you have planned for next year, do it this year. That leaves next year free to something else cool. Win both ways.
    Live life NOW, TODAY.

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    Sadly being very fit can also be very bad for you if you have an undetected underlying heart condition – often the first symptom is your last.

    Miketually has got it in one – that’s going to stick with me.

    Best wishes for all concerned.

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    having been a fit healthy guy in intensive care one memory of it overides all others.

    dont ever find yourself in there thinking.. ”if only..” or ”i wish i’d”


    Sorry to hear that OP. Miketually +1 (and mental note never to get a job where you work!)

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    Sorry to be morbid, but that’s how I’d like to go: Fit and enjoying life.
    Colleague of mine died of cancer about 4 years ago and the suffering that bloke went through, I still have strong memories of it now. He was an irritating sod at times, but I still miss him.

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    Miketually +1 (and mental note never to get a job where you work!)

    I didn’t mention the colleague who died from leukemia, did I?

    Maybe it’s time to start looking elsewhere.

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    We’ve had three work heart attacks and one death. All three were uber fit. The guy who died had a congenital defect no one knew about and there was nothing anyone could do, he was just walking round with a time bomb in his chest.

    The other two were were just bad genes, they were at risk (family history) hence the healthy lifestyle, but still got caught, although both survived unscathed.

    We now have a defibrillator at work.

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    I didn’t mention all the students we’ve lost over the years, as that starts to get very depressing.

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    Sad news indeed.. a good friend has had a complete mental meltdown and is now almost permenently sedated for his own safety… tough for his wife and 5 kids..

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