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  • trail_rat

    You have live in and continuation of power to the next part of circuit coming out the top and the bottom red is power to your light

    How ever you should check this with a continuity meter to your light.

    If this is the case then the two lives not powering the light should be kept together

    I am not a spark though 😉

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    Currently have an old dimmer switch but have now replaced light fitting and want to revert to a simple on/off switch. There is only one switch in the room.

    The photos below show the current wiring configuration. I think I should have bought a one gang one switch type but inadvertently seem to have purchased something different. Can I use the new switch (2nd photo) and if so should I wire the three lives in different places i.e. L1 – L3 or should the two live wires at the top remain together? Thanks

    Old dimmer switch

    P1020317 by craigbart, on Flickr

    New switch
    P1020318 by craigbart, on Flickr


    Permanent Lives together in L1 and the switched live in L2 leave the neutrals in the block.
    What you have is a two pole switch so I assume L3 and L4 are to break the neutral if required. Can’t see the amperage rating of the switch but I bet you got a 20A double pole switch in place of a 10A single pole light switch. Not an issue though.

    Just connect the two wires that are together in ‘com’ to L1 and the single wire that is in L2 to L2

    Oops – took a minute to post that

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    Thanks Chaps!


    What you have bought is an intermediate switch, but as has been said connect L1 and L2 and nothing should explode.

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