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  • A Winters Cycle Commute…by traffic lights
  • MTB-Idle

    Here’s my latest commute video; a tale of traffic lights. Betcha can’t guess how many sets I have to navigate through on my journey.


    Mark N

    I bet you can’t wait to put the tree lights up 😀


    That is an epic commute! Where do you come in from?

    Great vid. Lots of scalping of RLJers, chapeau, especially after that many miles.


    cheers Stuey, I commute from Ewell near Epsom in Surrey.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    Impressive stuff on lots of accounts… as above; on sorting the RLJers by the looks of it, for battling that kind of weight of traffic… and for doing it on a bike with white bar tape in the winter! Chapeau indeed! 🙂


    My god,….. all those tosspots steaming straight through red lights. No wonder drivers have such little respect for us!!

    Well done though OP, that is a heck of a commute. Like the way you chase after the RLJs too! How often do you commute?
    Puts my old 20 mile, with 3 sets of lights to shame!


    Yeah, knobs who run red lights but bravo racing people….



    I got to 27 lights, and lost the will to live just watching it……..full respect


    I think I’ll stick to my 15 mile very hilly, narrow country lane commute. Two sets of traffic lights (one of those is the entrance to the car park) and I rarely pass more than half a dozen cars before I get to work.


    Your commute totally blows. I’d work somewhere else me. I have 8 sets of lights over 17 miles, and that’s too many.

    Every time I see it I’m astounded though, do cyclists in London not want to live or something? London’s fatality rates must disproportially totally skew the national statistics.


    When i used to commute into London i used to sadly see at least one or two people having been knocked off a bike a week. It is stupid the amount of people who blindly cycle through red lights at major junctions…

    Used to cycle in from Epsom into Mayfair everyday for a while. Had one big accident by a car jumping a red light and a few other near misses with cars not paying attention. Gave it up in the end, valued my life more!!!

    I always think that people cycling in London regularly, its not if you will get knocked off the bike, more of when, sadly


    That is a particularly nasty commute for accidents, for anyone who’s not done it! One rough neighbourhood after another – Cheam then Morden then Tooting then Stockwell then Lambeth – so there are lots of aggressive drivers/people who don’t give a f***. Lots of pi$$ed people jumping into the street. It’s great fun but trouble tends to find you on it.

    action dan

    Is that a peaked helmet your wearing on a road bike…you is breaking all the rules! 😉 Great video by the way.

    Premier Icon DavidB

    I very much enjoyed that video. Nice one


    Woking to Victoria (and I try to route away from lights as well).. and no do not do it everyday!

    29 sets of lights (road junctions) excluding pedestrian crossings…

    epsom to cw looks a less pleasant route!


    Can’t believe I found this blog (I was searching for the longest commute by traffic lights!)… I counted mine. 73 over 38k (London to St Albans)

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