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  • chipsngravy

    This Peenarello aint for me if i can’t do tailwhips on it.

    Is it wrong that I feel ever-so-slightly aroused by this?

    Nope, I think it’s a stunning looking bike and seeing as I couldn’t ride a Carrera to within an inch of it’s life, I have no fear of disproving their marketing guff.

    I’d buy it if I had £250 😆

    I quite lik the bike. But would need to beat to death, with a sock for of poo, the writer of that script. What is a perfect triangle? This this four side triangle away, it is imperfect, and also remove the two sided one as well.

    Premier Icon rickon

    I haven’t got a 1.5 headset plate for my press, and thought instead of spending a tenner to bodge a plate, I’d give back to the LBS.

    (And you called earlier to ask if they were OK to fit it).


    Dave Weagle is turning in his expensive suit.

    Reinventing the wheel is very appropriate here.


    I quite like it. Am I ill?

    I do as well. Underneath the bull it looks a very interesting bike.


    only bit i like the design is where it loads the shock to the BB area, but this would still put other types of load on the seat post tube

    if he had an Italian accent I think I could tolerate it. It is pronouced tube man tube. Not **** tooobes!


    Looks fine, definitely erring to xc racing rather than uplifts.

    Looks better than the road bikes! not hard mind.

    Quite reminiscent of a Trek Fuel.

    Premier Icon althepal

    Whole lotta stroking going on during the manufacturing process eh? Does that cost extra?


    That shock mounting on a bolted on ‘aluminum’ bracket is going to be an issue later in life. I can see it wearing out the bolts, or bracket after a year of use.


    A fine display of marketing bollocks. I like the fork stop which will make getting it in the back of the car even more trickier. It’s like the purpose built fork stop on the San Andreas I had 10 years ago.

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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