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  • plumber

    Pregnant too?

    nasty swelling

    (that is swelling right πŸ˜‰ )


    and thats why to race downhill you must have bar end plugs ….

    and also why at my old work any bikes sans bar end plugs were fitted with as part of a service for safetys sake


    lol – yeah, is the baby okay?


    jeeesuss , you is indeed well lucky!!!!

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    F*ck me, I thought I was fat! πŸ˜‰


    Santa!? πŸ˜†

    Thanks for the sympathy you c**ts.

    I'm riding to lose weight not die from the injuries from a fall.

    You streaks of piss are so sympathetic.

    Balls to you. I was in a **** mess last night.

    New forum per chance?


    I'm fairly certain your spleen and liver were well protected.


    At least your work clothes should cover most of it.

    (But not necessarily everything they should) πŸ˜€

    I hope it's not too painful.


    lol @ samuri

    on a serious note, your post has reminded me that i need to plug the ends on my road bikes


    i apologize for all the other f*ckwits who posted here. Well done for taking cycling,its a great exercise, and very good for you. dont listen to that bunch of t0ssers.

    Also, thanks for the warning. That looks extremely painful. Shamefully i dont have bar ends on any of my bikes… But after seeing this i will be buying some tonight.


    Thanks for the helpful comments

    So I deduce that if you've got a belly you can't ride a mountain bike.

    True coulours well and truly shown.

    I was in a real mess last night. Shock from major pain, ultrasound scan – worrying for my wellbeing

    (Edited to remove swearing.)

    welcome to the internet, you want sympathy speak to your friends. Loads of people on here have suffered far worse injuries and have posted on here fully expecting to have the mickey taken. They have taken it as it should be taken, a bit of banter amongst people who don't really know each other.



    **** i bet that hurts, looks like you are indeed lucky to get away without serious injury.

    In the past 5 years i have had 4 hospital visits through MTB's, in 25 years of motorcycles i only had 1. It can be a dangerous sport, i have more bottle than ability which doesn't help.

    ah the triumph of ambition over ability, has anyone on here not been a victim of that?


    I don't want sympathy – I want to warn people of the potentially life threatening consequences of falling from height onto open bar ends.

    I know I'm overweight and chose the beloved sport of this forum to get fit.

    Welcome to life you considerable idiot.


    You are 'The Badger' now where's my Β£5?


    there is a difference between 'a bit of banter' and what some of you wrote on here. I have a very good friend who has suffered from serious eating disorders bcause of flippant comments made by idiots about his weight. He is not a particularly large guy, just bigger than average.

    I think you all owe him an apology, because you obviously didnt realise how offensive you were being

    πŸ˜† at ziggy


    lol, welcome to stw!

    Hope you get well soon !!


    yeah derek thats kinda how it is on her don't take it to serious. glad your okay i did similar to my thigh once it don't half bruise, your looks worse than mine. Good on you for cycling there are a lot more weighty people riding than you. Also if you change your name to say sally-starship the sympathy will pour in.

    Why post a picture if you didnt want comments? Good or bad

    Come on, if you didnt want comments you would have just explained your pain and not shown what looks like a huge belly with a bit of marker pen on it. A lot of bikers have huge bellies but if they posted a picture on here, they would be expecting some abuse. Just like if i posted a picture of my huge d…


    Hey Mr starship…

    I too have a bit of a belly, and can most likely out manoeuvre, and out ride half the stringy little whippet morons on this forum. Both on, and off the bike.
    So, don't let it get to you, just use this forum as a place to find out more about what you enjoy doing, or talking about in the bike world.

    I wouldn't post injury pics on here, as there are too many to list in the 20 odd years i've been riding off-road. But, that injury would put a lesser person off… so dont let it do that.

    Most of the people on here post quite infrequenty, and are cool enough people (on the digital face of it) But the ones that responded so quickly with insults are the usual kind of rats that hang about in every sewer just waiting to bite.

    plumber, BoardinBob, roper, and anyone else who are only here to insult people, just hope you dont meet my FAT ass on a trail, as i will take great pleasure in squashing you all….

    With ease.

    peace/love/happy trails etc:

    Pah, its no different to the abuse i give the fat bugger i ride with when we get ready in the car park before a ride. He then proceeds to ride me into the deck on every ride whilst taking the piss out of my not so small belly stuffed into my tight lycra. Its called banter.

    Hell i spewed my guts up on the last STW meet with trekster and co at dalbeattie (Wasnt well). Came out of the bushes and stated my bulemia diet was going a treat πŸ™‚

    I must be soooooooo green to have posted a picture.

    You know – I now feel pointless – like a pair of belisha beacons flashing in the dead of night.

    It was illustrative and (god forbid) informative.

    Thread closed for me at least.


    That went well.


    Who kissed your tummy better and left that big lipstick mark ?


    Derek for Pete's sake man chill

    It was a great point and well made – the picture gave us a lot of laughs and to be fair reminded me of my own gut and why I ride too – to shift the beef and have a good time.

    Most of us are not 'racing snakes' on here but are more 'built for comfort than speed' I for one will check my bar ends and smile – it will certainly remind me to.

    Its nothing personal πŸ˜‰


    ouch – looks nasty
    how did you 'fall from a height' onto your handlebar?


    i would,nt worry to much about what people say on this site if i were you,its well renowned as being the default website for the smug .

    Make sure your grips are in good order.

    I engaged with my bar end last night and was told by the A&E doc that I would probably have died if my grips had been open. I was out on Holcombe Hill in Bury when I fell from a height onto my handlebar.

    It REALLY hurt and spleen / liver damage was suspected. I was "lucky" to get away with big bruising.

    Be careful.



    Thanks for the sympathy you c**ts.

    I don't want sympathy – I wan


    Give over taking it seriously derek, you get used to the fact that people quietly take note of your underlying advice/comments and openly take the mick of the obvious. I can vouch for at least one of the posters who made the comments that upset you and can tell you they're just having a bit of a chuckle with you, not at you. But it's obvious you didn't take it too well.

    Get well soon, that is a bit of a nasty one.


    I'd like to withdraw my last remark. I had only very quickly read the thread and had not realised that derek_starship was actually serious about being upset – I thought you were just taking the p*ss back mate. So yeah, nasty, hope it gets better soon. Although I also hope that you take yourself/life a little less serious in the future too. Think "ton"

    Think "ton" ?

    A couple of stones overweight mebbes, but a whole ton?

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Yo Derek, that looks proper nasty. Foot or so lower and it could have been Deirdre Starship from now on.

    Ignore the banter – that's all it is. I've met quite a few people from here who, like us, are on the 'large' side – doesn't stop them being good riders and enjoying their biking. Hell, I don't ride to get fit. I ride because I enjoy it – I'd still ride if it was proven to be bad for you!

    There may be a few on here who see size-ism as the last acceptable prejudice, but they don't tend to add smilies to their posts, and usually have a holier than thou attitude you can spot a mile away.

    Away this weekend, but give us a shout on here if you fancy a ride round Hit The North country soon – myself and Ms Spanner are always up for a local jaunt. Should be able to raise another few people given a couple of days notice, all as slow as me!


    New forum per chance?

    well, really, you walked into the flak posting that! But if you're too sensitive about the matter then yes, a knitting circle might be less critical…

    There may be a few on here who see size-ism as the last acceptable prejudice

    that would be me πŸ™‚ Is it even prejudice ? I see it as a mattter of taste. I wouldn't try to stop a larger person from riding, or doing anything else they wished – or be able to for that matter.

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