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  • mjsmke

    Been doing lots more riding too. Mostly on the road bike to try and get faster.
    Then some gardening, diy, built a new bee hive, slept.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    A couple of weeks back, lots of local riding around Killin before moving house and some big ‘ills

    Holidays last week: cottage at the foot of Dodd Wood = last light rides round on cheekyness, a couple of days on Whinlatter Red and Blue, a couple of early rides part way up Skiddaw and down the Latrigg descent multiple times. Best of all was introducing eldest_oab to proper Lakes tech riding…and he managed amazingly well.

    IMAG0218 by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

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    This week, family away and lots of exploring Dunblane locality – and to my (stoopid) surprise have discovered teh awesome singletrack and riding round here. Tonight was about 8 miles of riding, of which 7 miles was singletrack, and none more than 2 miles from my new house. Leckin’ about int’ woods at its finest. 8)

    IMAG0259 by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

    IMAG0260 by matt_outandabout, on Flickr
    I think I have been on my bike very other day one way or other, despite moving house and being on holiday.. 😀

    What have you lot been doing in this nice weather?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    bump for moring crowd.

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