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  • A question for the builders
  • TheFlyingOx
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    We’re about to embark on a couple of reasonable-sized building projects at home, the first of which is what I guess you could call a single-storey Granny flat at the bottom of the garden. Plans approved, warrant drawings done and all that, just waiting on the timber frame being built. I’m going to try to do a lot of the prep work myself, the first major bit would be digging and laying foundations. Looking at a concrete pad rather than strip foundations, have the space to move earth about, got a tame digger driver raring to go, so we’re pretty much ready to start.

    My question is about routing utilities into the building. Only going to need electric and water and probably some ethernet cable, plus drainage. What are the pros and cons of laying conduit for utilities into the foundation and pouring concrete over the top and having them poking out of the concrete pad vs just laying the pad and digging a separate trench outside the pad for the utlities? I’d have thought it would be easier for access to have a solid pad and utilities outwith, but I’ve seen loads of house builds where the utilities poke out of various pipes in the middle of the concrete.

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    It’s part of my day job so pros
    Once secured in position good easy access
    Cons :less flexibility with layout
    Need to calculate the exact position to popup under cabinet or elec board
    Harder to get a good finish around popups if that matters if you get it wrong then hard to alter
    Check with service suppliers some (in England) have specific duct specifications eg bend radius and material also details of slab penetration for movement, damp, gas
    Either way Chuck in a couple of spares if poss don’t forget draw cords hth

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    Bringing the services within ducts into a cupboard makes life a lot easier – ran mine into the understair cupboard with the electricity meter, distribution panel, UFH manifold etc.

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    As above conduit is the way to go, but ensure they are in the correct positon in the slab and easily conected to existing cable/water and gas lines, not to tight a bend and 3 seperate ones, put draw cords in as you lay them easier than trying to get cord in after and remember cable pipes will be a new home for furry animals so cover both ends after instalation.

    Also hope on te day the various connectors like what youve done.

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    Running water pipes outside is a cert for freezing, and you need waste water drains from sink and bathroom anyway, also more expensive in the long run I’d reckon.

    Mine is a bit odd in that it’s solid slab with everything routed through the 100mm floor insulation on top, it just worked out easier because my existing utilities running under the floor next door were higher than the new floor if that makes sense.

    Conduit is the way in a fresh slab, in and outs should be on the drawing.

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