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  • A question for parent’s of 3-4 year olds
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    I wonder if the STW parent massive could help me out.

    My partner, who unfortunately cannot work at the moment due to her shielding status, lockdown, etc, has been working very hard in making an educational Youtube channel for 3-4 year olds.

    They are really good short videos (but I am biased) but they are just not getting the views that they deserve and I think the problem is the titles of the videos.

    What would you search for if you wanted to find a YouTube video aimed at educating 3-4 yr olds ?

    This will give us some pointers in trying to optimise the video titles, so that they come up more in Youtube searches.

    Many thanks.

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    Peppa pig?

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    Dunno about the titles but they have only been up a day or so, give them more time?

    I would assume that most parents have their go-to stuff by now and aren’t actively searching for new things so much. Maybe.

    Get everyone you know to shout about them all over social media!

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    maybe the age range of the children you are trying to reach (3-4 year olds).

    My daughter occasionally watches youtube (limited capacity obvs!), and she loves Cocomelon, which is animated, but is much more nursery rhymes etc. So nowhere near as educational as the stuff your lady wife is producing.

    maybe the word education or learning might help too.

    I am unsure of how youtube works with regards to what pops up when you search. i sometimes see hashtags under videos, maybe to help with this?

    Appears the views are increasing with each vid. I think with a lot of this its all about perseverance and banging out so many vids that you get noticed. No easy task!

    I will endeavour to show my 3 year old and see if she likes and engages with it.

    good luck with it, as in theory, this is exactly the sort of stuff home schooling parents need right now.

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    My four year old knows what he likes and that is Wild Kratts over and over again

    But yeah sosh meds. I’m sure that’s how the Joe wicks phenomena began

    Forgot to add I will try the programmes out with him and let you know

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    Awesome, thanks everyone, have amended the titles to hopefully get more hits.

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