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  • A proper Garmin Hurumph
  • simonm
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    A bit of a warning about Garmin before anyone considers purchasing one.

    I had a Garmin 800, but stoopidly left it on the roof of my car and drove off. So i’ve now replaced that with an 810…however…

    I’d spent a fair amount of money on 1:25000 maps for the old device £100+ I came to “transfer” my maps from the lost device to my new device to discover its Garmins policy to NOT allow you to move maps. The maps are locked to a device, and therefore I will have to purcahse them all again.

    Just a warning to those considering upgrading an existing Garmin, you have to re-purchase all your maps…… I’ve read of people with warranty replacement units struggling to get them moved to new device !

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    Cheap alternative (the ioffer maps) here I think

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    iOffer ones won’t lock to a device either.

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    Ive got an 810 and just used openstreetmaps on it, works really well.

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    It is a ball ache yes, my 810 has Openstreetmaps on it too and yet I’d still like to purchase the OS maps, but holding off because they’re locked to the device not the owner..

    Feel yer pain Son, feel yer pain.

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    I bought the OS 1:50 mapping from Garmin when I got a Dakota 20 and just popped the card into my Oregon 600 when I bought that. They work just fine, no locking or registration required.

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    Isn’t the mapping locked to the SD card not the device?

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    Were the maps preloaded onto the Garmin or on a memory card? I moved the map memory card I bought for my 705 to my 800 with no issues. Those were road maps rather than OS ones though – do they treat them differently?

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    yes, OS maps are different and can’t move.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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