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  • a pleasant perch?
  • totally subjective. The charge spoon is widely praised on here, I found it too hard and unforgiving-sold it after one ride. I am a big fan of the WTB Silverado, some padding but the cut outs in the shell (middle for perineum and where my sitbones, er, sit) relieve pressure and add comfort. Even the bottom of the range CroMo railed is 300gram so not bricks weight-wise, the Ti railed comes in at a whisker under 200g, the NiCro at around 250grm IIRC.

    A lot of manufacturers do demo saddles via their dealers now, and are trying to get a bit more scientific about fit (Fizik with their flexibility guide, Selle Italia IDmatch fit guide) possibly borrow/try out some from riding mates.

    5’10”, 150lbs, skinny arsed FWIW!

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    the one that fits your arse, sorry if I can’t be more help but I wouldn’t like to suggest a bad one and I wont come round and check out your arse!

    Selle Italia & Specialized do a measure/fitting service so could be worth a try.


    Can anyone provide some saddle expertise please?
    I’m looking for a forgiving long distance mtb saddle, something with a bit of perineum relief would be good.

    Any experiences with something like a ism adamo etc?
    I’m 5’11”, 185lbs with a bare bones derriere if that has any bearing in saddle choice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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