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  • wavejumper

    Interested in the cannondale but need to give me some ball park idea of price?

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    I have no idea what to expect for either bike to be honest but in the interests of keeping within the Forum rules i’ll say £400 each ? – i appreciate that this may be way to optimistic so if you are interested get in touch and educate me.

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    Lovely bikes


    Looking to clear some space and put the cash towards some bikes more suited to the towpaths with our 6 year old.

    First up: Cannondale Super V 400 -Small

    This was bought new back in the day and used for a couple of years before being put in the back of the garage, overall its in good condition, there are some chips and scratches and the swinging arm was painted black. Everything works well and the frame has no damage or cracks.

    I have no idea what this may be worth but as a lot of it was upgraded i’ll list the bits and if your interested make an offer. The bike is located in Wilts.

    The frame, seat post (cut down), seat clamp and front mech are all original.
    Wheels are Mavic D521 built on black Hope big uns and are excellent, the forks are Rock Shox Judy XL, LX cranks and shifters, goretex cables,XT rear mech, fox float rear shock,Hope 185 fr and 165 r discs (circa 99) Azonic bars, Planet X pedals and stem, specialized seat.

    I guess if your doing a build this has some nice parts or will make a nice old retro ride.

    Next up 1998 Marin Team DH 17.5″

    Its not been ridden in years but is in nice original condition, there are scuffs and scratches but its great for its age. I have no idea what its worth but would prefer without using Ebay so heres the details.Bike located in Wilts.

    1998 Marin Team DH 17.5″ – bought by me new as a complete bike and not a built up DH FRS frameset – i still have the original books, receipt and owners card! The wheels are the original Mavic D521 SUP’s buit on red Hope big uns, the rims are very clean and run true but the hubs are a little faded. The seatpost,front mech (XTR) and shifters (XT) are original but everything else was replaced with following.

    Azonic kevlar seat, Hope red post q/r clamp, Chris King headset (black),XT rear mech, RaceFace Diabolus 31.8 stem, X Lite Fat Boy Steve Peat bars, 2004 Boxxer World cups with a nick on one stanchion, Hope 4 pots 205 and 185 (both forks and brakes bought new in 04 when i goy the bike out for the summer) Original Shimano Saint cranks.

    Hopefully the bike may appeal to someone or perhaps if your doing a build the parts may be what you need.


    hi I could be interested in the Marin, but i have no idea how i contact you on singletrack to make an offer


    I’ve put them on retro bike as well – thanks for the heads up.

    Anyone interested can call me on 07899 994059 or mail jhayward at fsmail.net.



    Thinking £300 each before i try Ebay

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