A nice recipe with fish?

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  • A nice recipe with fish?
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    I would like to cook something tomorrow night, but I haven’t got a clue when it comes to fish. Can anyone point me in the direction of a nice recipe/resource for funky fish recipies?

    Don’t mind a bit of heat, but no meat.

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    Looks nice, but I’m going to need instructions…

    After not eating it for 10 years, perhaps something a bit more sophisticated;-)


    sorry, but fish like steak should taste of what it is.
    plain steamed/baked/grilled is best.

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    perhaps something a bit more sophisticated

    There you go.

    (Sorry, this is just my usual banile contribution. What do you like as grub normally? Give an idea as to flavours, etc. Can’t go wrong with a chunky fish pie?)

    As ton says, if you’re just cooking a piece of fish, less is more. Don’t arse about with it too much.

    If you’re looking for something simple…
    Salmon fillets – marinate in oil, lemon juice and crushed garlic for a few hours.
    Both sides under hot grill for a few minutes (pref. finish on skin side) basting with marinade when turning.
    Serve with creamed leeks and something else…peas, green beans, whatevs.

    Something a bit more complicated but moreish…fish pie with smoked haddock and salmon. Poach in milk and quartered onions for 6 or 7 minutes. Put fish aside and make roux from poaching milk (strained). Add cheese to however cheesy you like it. Break fish into sauce. Transfer to dish. Boil a few eggs till hard enough to cut but not set inside. Halve and plop into suace. Let it cool in fridge for an hour or so. Mash a load of potatoes and spoon onto cooled (so the potato sits on top) sauce…rough enough. 20mins-1/2hour at 170-180ish to crips up the spuds. Job jobbed and tea for the next evening too.

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    Something a bit more complicated but moreish…fish pie with smoked haddock and salmon.

    did exactly that as described last Thursday and had to fight the family for the leftovers. Don’t poach too hot though, it needs to be just done and no more. Liquid barely needs to move

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    Thanks all

    I like chilli/heat on pretty much everything, but I’m new to fish.

    I guess it’s as much about getting a nice piece of fish?

    Wherever you get your fish, NOT “fresh” from the supermarket.

    Either a proper fish monger or dare I say it, frozen.


    Don’t poach too hot though

    Tru. Otherwise the fish will go a bit rubbery…not speaking from experience there at all though, y’know like… 😳

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    I’m with deadlydarcy with a couple of minor differences. I fry (pan fry if we’re being posh) the salmon skin side down to get a nice crispy skin and don’t do the other side at all. Yes it’s raw to virtually raw when finished but that’s what makes it nice.

    Or just a nice piece of cod or haddock fillet, lightly seasoned and grilled.

    Big fan of fish pie too, but not cheese in the sauce. A blob of mustard intensifies the sauce and I add a little white wine or dry sherry. Season well with salt and pepper too. Cheese on top of the mash if you must, or ring the changes and do potato/sweet potato or potato/celeriac mash. Serve with green veg. (savoy cabbage or broccoli maybe).

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    Fillet of sea bass. Season the flesh side with salt and pepper and cook it skin side down on a medium heat. When it’s mostly cooked through take the pan off the heat, flip the fish and leave for 2 mins.

    Serve with sweet potato mash, but make the mash special. Add a dollop of mango chutney and a freshly chopped chilli to it. A finely chopped anchovy fillet or 2 can be added to bring a bit of saltiness to the party.

    Finally, steam some asparagus and purple sprouting broccoli, drizzle with sesame oil, some more chilli and a bit of lemon juice.


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    Kedgeree is probably my favourite fish dish. This recipe is great, personally I swap the chives for coriander and add a handful of peas. I also halve the amount of butter, I adore the stuff but not convinced it’s not a typo in the recipe as it’s a hell of a lot.


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    Google Jamie Oliver’s “Tray baked Lemon Sole”. Nice to cook at this time of year because it tastes like summer.

    I like chilli/heat on pretty much everything, but I’m new to fish

    Theres a nice Ottolenghi recipe for pasta with Red Mullet and Harrisa (with olives and preserved lemons) which is good – fishy and spicy without the favours you’re cooking it with overpowering the fish. I do it with sea bass instead of the mullet.

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    Cullen skink.


    Depends on the fish but I really like cerviche


    How about a Goan fish curry.
    Fry 1x Onion, Chilli, Garlic clove and small piece of ginger.
    Add a tsp of ground cumin and coriander, ½ tsp of turmeric and garam masala.
    100ml of coconut milk and 200gm of chopped tomatoes, splash of water and cook for 5 mins.
    Add chunks of white fish, good piece of haddock ideal, cover and cook for 5 mins. Add some raw king prawns, cover and cook for another 3-4 mins.
    Stir in a squeeze of lime juice and chopped fresh coriander.
    Great with basmati rice (also add a little coconut milk to the rice) and peshwari naan.


    Fish parcel. Wrap in foil with white wine and some herbs or anything subtle you’d like to stick in. Butter, garlic, tomato, bit of yoghurt or cream or whatever really. Make it up as you go. Wrap and gentle bake. Serve with spuds.

    Quick and simple.

    Just experiment, and ignore whatever Jamie mockney prat says (he may be right, but he’s still an annoying prat).

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    I’m making kedgeree for breakfast tomorrow, its really easy.
    Other favorite homemade fish dishes are Koubiliac – kind of salmon wellington.
    Fish pie, always include smoked and white fish and prawns. A little nutmeg is good too.
    Really fresh fish should just be grilled or fried, nothing else.


    Pan fried Sea Bass fillets, 3 minutes a side. Season well with salt and pepper, splash of lemon juice at the end.

    If you want chilli with it, oil the fillet, season with salt and black pepper. Add chopped chilli, garlic and lime juice, make a foil parcel and steam it in the oven for 15 minutes.

    Serve with sautéed potatoes and steamed veg, or on a bed of brown rice with roasted sweet peppers.

    Works well with Sea Bream also.

    Wash down with a nice Belgian Tripel.

    (seafood pizza?!)

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    How about a Goan fish curry.

    Good call, if you are fan I can highly recommend this version. The cloves, star anise and vinegar are what really set it apart.


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