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  • A Mountain Biking Manifesto
  • stwhannah
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    With a snap election called in the UK, the key policies are already likely to be decided by the parties – the professional lobbyists who have been inf …

    By stwhannah

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    A Mountain Biking Manifesto

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    Make LTN1/20 a regulatory requirement, not just guidance.  The number of times highways authorities and designers say “well it’s just guidance” before coming up with a solution that is more dangerous than an unimproved road is unbelievable.

    Competence assessment for cycle infrastructure designers too…

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    There’s no longer an upper limit on the cycle to work scheme. It’s up to your employer if they set a maximum.

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    @keithb A lot would be solved by increasing ATE’s funding, and giving multi-year funding settlements (though highways authorities need to understand they shouldn’t only build cycling infra when special funding is made available, should be whenever roads are redesigned/’improved’ from those budgets). I’ve said before that cycling represents about 2% of journeys, if ATE got 2% of the roads budget that would be a massive, game changing amount of money.

    Also get involved in your local active travel campaign group.

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    I’m with a lot of that.

    A few tweaks to make it near perfect…

    Bike theft… none of this namby pamby  stuff. Solve repeat offences too in one go…



    E-Bike subsidy. Yes. BUT only for commuter type bikes and cargo bikes.  Nobody, just nobody, is biking to work on a £13k Trek Fuel EXE. They are sticking it in the back of a diesel Transit of T6 and driving it 3 hours to a bike park in Wales. Absolutely NOT environmentally sound.

    Take VAT off normal bikes too to encourage active travel. I despise having 20% robbed from me on bikes and bike parts, for it to be used subsidise the wealth of dodgy Tory party donors.





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    As we seemed to have veered into active travel already, the single thing which would make me feel safer on my commute

    Mandatory driving bans for drivers using telephones. This is a not a momentary lapse of concentration, it is a conscious choice to not give a **** about everyone else’s safety.

    And a lot of more of those new cameras which can detect it.

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    Keep a limit on bike to work scheme, otherwise it is just a tax dodge for very nice bikes. No issues with people buying nice things, but I do have an issue with those buying not in the intended spirit.

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    Competence assessment for cycle infrastructure designers too…

    Infrastructure designer’s grandchild/child to be able to cycle the design unattended by parents or grandparent to be written into the brief for final sign-off.

    Death for a second offence as we’re not monsters! EDIT also the internal cable threading should be for a minimum of 5 frames, it should ensure no further attempts.

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    18 year olds to do mandatory service in bike shops

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    All car drivers to do a compulsory 5 days a year commuting by bike. Those who have long commutes better start training.

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