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  • A life ‘completely destroyed’ by one paragraph of immigration law
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    I trust that most of you are well aware of the cans of worms that Brexit has opened in terms of immigration and the disgusting, and in some cases illegal, practices of the Home Office.

    So, I would like to ask you to consider offering your support to some of the people whose lives are being wrecked by those practices.

    My  wife is in touch with the Guardian reporter, Amelia Hill, who has been systematically reporting on these cases (for example, you can read here, here and here), along with the case worker who works with these people, and I know that these families are in dire need and near-destitute. So any help and support would be greatly appreciated!

    How you can help:

    – Please consider donating to their respective GoFundMe pages, here and here

    – In one of these cases, the gentleman involved has two young girls (2-3 and 6-7) and in need of toys, clothes, books,etc. for them. So, if you have things you could donate please get in touch with me.

    – These are only a couple of the many cases that you might have come across already. Please consider ways to support and carry on supporting any of them!

    – Finally, please help spread the word!

    Thank you very much for your help!


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