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  • A good source for a new tent stuff-sack
  • thelawman
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    The original stuff sack on my ultralight-weight Vaude tent has started to split at the seams, so time to get a new one.
    A quick skeg on Amazon suggests that there’s no shortage of possible suppliers, but as per normal it always seems wise to ask the STW collective  first, to see if there’s any good experiences relating to a make or supplier (or places to avoid, for that matter). Exact dimensions aren’t particularly relevant to the question here, but the current one is roughly 18/19″ long x 16″ circumference.
    Of course, a lot of what pops up initially on Amazon etc is mostly suitable for clothes & sleeping bags and the like, whereas what I really need is something that’s ‘long & thin’ as opposed to ‘fat & dumpy’. As the actress said to the bishop…

    Any recommendations, please?

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    I put my terra nova voyager in two small exped bags. That way they are separate and a wet outer won’t wet a dry inner. It’s better for packing in the rucksack and also lighter than the original stuff sack

    I’m using the yellow size for a two man tent, they stuff in nicely

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    Lomo make good cheap dry bags

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    We recently got a dry bag approximately those dimensions from B and M for £4. Aldi also had some recently. Could be worth a look if you’re nearby.

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    Alpkit airlock xtra? Bit more durable than a regular dry bag. I’ve used one as a tent and sleeping bag carrier on my motorbike for years.

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    I have one of these – pick the right size for your tent.  ~Every gramme counts and I found a compression sack makes my tent around 1/3 of the volume of its original stuffsac

    Or the same website has loads of even lighter stuffsacs


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    I have to confess I wasn’t really thinking of drybags, but there’s one on the Lomo website (thanks @supernova) which looks about right in dimensions.Think I’ll get one and see how it fits.

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    Pack the poles separate to the fabric (and pegs). Buy the bag(s) based on capacity (litres) rather than shape/length/width. Stuff the tent into the bag randomly, but allowing trapped air to escape; don’t roll/fold it such that the same areas always get stressed along creases.

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    I’ve just today bought a new drybag for our tent. A 1.7 kg 3 man tent fits well in a 5l oex one. Alpkit have sold out of dry bags. Those compression sacs tj links to are very good.

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