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  • A good puncture proof commuting tyre?
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    After getting about 4 punctures this week I’m after some new 26″ commuting tyres. Considering “Continental Travel Contact” which sound OK (but a bit more than I was wanting to pay).

    Will be used mainly on the towpath and some tarmac. Towpath has some muddy sections so completely slick wouldn’t be good. MUST be good at resisting punctures. Any recommendations?


    Spesh Nimbus.

    I’ve used these for years and they are very puncture proof.


    Conti travel contacts are good. They come with tubes. They are guaranteed against punctures. Get a puncture in one and you can return it to the shop and get a new tyre and tube for free.

    Mrs TJ has them on her commuter bike. In a 1000 miles of commuting on glass strewn cyclepaths she has had two punctures and both times the tyre and tube where replaced with no hassle.

    Highly recommended.


    Conti Ultra Gator Skins are worth a look. Cheap n fast 😉


    I highly recommend conti travel contacts,
    used them on a 5 week touring trip in Scandinavia,
    hundreds of miles on them and didnt get a single puncture,
    (friend i was riding with had 5 punctures, very bad tyres though)

    after we came back I inspected them and pulled out a 5mm pin/nail bit of pointy metal from the tyre, also embedded bits of glasses and slashes/gouges in the tyre,
    and they never failed me!

    so they are a bit expensive but are very good,
    luckily crc were doing the folding versions for £17 each when I bought them.

    schwalbe marathons are great tyres aswell and there is an more aggressive version
    here but not in stock
    you wont go wrong with either to be honest


    I had Schwalbe Marathons on my old commuter before it got nicked and never had a puncture.


    We sell a lot of Schwalbe Marathons too, only cost about £15, but make sure you get the kevlar belted version(reflective strip around the wall).They seem to cure just about all of our commuter’s puncture problems.


    Don’t know the model but I use 26″ slick Continental tyres on the commuter/road bike – which takes in road, tow paths to slightly rocky & muddy tracks. Done 5.5k miles on them and only had one puncture which was on the road so I second going for Continental ones.


    Schwalbe marathon plus

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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