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  • Which came first, the beard or the singlespeed?
  • Premier Icon nedrapier

    Got the SS, always grow a beard when I’m on holiday. Whether this is enlightment or laziness, I don’t know. People keep saying it suits me, and I should keep it, but I’m not sure if it’s full enough to be tidied enough for the office. I guess final step is to get rid of the office job…


    The SS, then the neatly trimmed goatee…


    Looks to me like they both appeared simultaneously.
    But that’s miracles for you.


    What about the SS ladies then? Do they grow other hair ❓ (pics to prove please)

    Premier Icon teadrinker

    For me it’s the beard, general lazyness got me to have one plus the warmth during thos winter months helped. My chin is so happy these days.

    As for the SS, not quite there yet but considering it.


    Ugh. I had a beard for two periods of my life and decided beards were too itchy, too dirty and gave me too many spots.

    Funny thing was the first time I travelled to Pakistan after shaving off my beard and my passport picture was of me bearded. This caused consternation amongst the immigration officials who started, stared again and then hooted with laughter! “What happened to your BEARD sir?”


    Beard comes and goes, probably 40% of the last 12 years has been bearded. However first appearance of beard predates singlespeed bike by about 6 years.

    In fact for a lot of that bearded time I thought singlepeeds were for making places with unchallenging hills more interesting, and that you couldn’t ride one (eand enjoy yourself!) on Dartmoor. Oh, that’s right you can and its great. 😀


    I’ve had a SS for years, and yet never a beard… I did come close when I couldn’t shave for a while due to a “chinjury” but just when it was in danger of breaking into socially-acceptable-rather-than-scruffy-bugger-who-cba-to-shave it got better so I shaved.


    Just wondering like… In my case, it was the beard, then I discovered SS and it’s strange allure… is there a correlation I wonders (half jokingly)? So, tell us, which came first for you, the beard or the SS?

    Would be interested to hear from travelers halfway along the path to true happiness; however, remain silent those of the unenlightened who have not eschewed both the devil gears and the accursed razor, unwashed pagan heathens the lot of you! 😀

    Have ridden singlespeed for 5 years now. No beats though.

    Always a bit stubbly though 🙂

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    Time line – Marin – beard – SS.


    couldn’t grow a beard when I was into single speed & now I can grow a beard I can’t ride single speed, life is just so cruel…

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Beard has been on and off for the last 5 years, but since I got an SS, it’s stayed, and will be staying. Just feels right 🙂


    I ride a singlespeed commuter, sans facial hair. When I was without employment for a few months I grew a beard, but wasn’t riding the singlespeed. Make of that what you will!



    Beard came first and is still going strong.
    SS has become unused in the last couple of years.

    got the beard and still waiting for SS to sound appealing!


    Couldn’t grow a proper beard if I tried. Wouldn’t dream of riding a singlespeed too. Maybe there is done correlation at work there…

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    There were actually v few beards at SSUK this year. I’ve ridden SS for about five years and only had a proper beard for about two months of that. Lots of weekend / holiday stubble though

    Premier Icon ssboggy

    Been riding SS for over 12years but not got a beard, usually a bit stubbly though.


    SS for 15 years now, Ginger beard if I let it, normally around holiday time

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Singlespeed – yes
    Beard – no


    Ss- oh yes,
    but a beard is to be feared man.


    Beard. I’ve had one since I’ve been able to grow one.
    My first SS was some years ago now too, others have since arrived – all are steel, and fully rigid of course (one is even a drop-bar’d 29er). 😯

    Hmm, whist traveling down this back country lane, I’ve ridden in sandals for years too.


    Beards are for people, who don’t get much shaggin, and if they do, it’s resented – dwell……….


    I cant grow a proper beard and yet 2 of my bikes are singlespeed. I’m so confused.

    Premier Icon northernerindevon

    Little goatee, then beautiful Orange R8 SS. Unsure if they are linked! Don’t have the right sort of beardage to go for the full on mountain man face warmer though 🙁

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Speshpaul wrote:

    Time line – Marin – beard – SS.

    Beard since 09, thoughts about ripping perfectly good gears from a bike? Zero
    Chances of riding a Marin – Zero

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Beards are like 26ers.

    There’s no place for them in my life.

    I did have a goatee when i first ss’ed though.

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