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  • A couple of questions about Chromebooks before I buy one.
  • Can I run Tracklogs on a Chromebook?
    I want a 14″ screen and these look like the best deals I can find at the moment.
    Refurbed HP Pavilion for £170
    Refurbed HP 14-Q010SA for £175

    What’s the difference between a 14-Q010SA and a Pavilion? Is it just processor speed?
    Anything better than those two about?

    Premier Icon chorlton

    You need windows for tracklogs.
    Don’t let that stop you from getting a chromebook though. Plenty of other map apps.
    Went on the desktop PC today for the first time in a while and just seems slow and very old fashioned.


    I’ve had a Chromebook for about 6 months now, every time I use a PC or a Mac I get really annoyed with how long everything takes or how unnecessarily complex things can get.
    Chromebooks ain’t gonna change the world, but for surfing and relatively simple tasks it is bloody amazing, 90% of people would never need more that a Chromebook can do…
    I have the hp11, currently £180 in currys, the 14 is a bit quicker and a bigger, better screen, but you don’t buy a Chromebook for its processor…
    Best thing about it, you can properly mirror your browser to a chromecast with sound and everything (which is better than android devices can currently manage).

    By the way, I do not work for google…

    Try your android again Fin. Mirror functionality on the latest update. Chromecast on the Redbull app won’t let you watch live, so I watched via pinkbike, full screened and mirrored,twas perfect. You can do the same with Chrome browser.


    You’re right kev…didn’t get sound last time I tried it.

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    Same here, really happy with my Toshiba Chromebook!

    Light, fast and genuine all-day battery life.

    The Windoze laptop is in the background for Tracklogs and playing with video etc, but I now find it incredibly infuriating to use, on a Chromebook there are absolutely no pop ups or prompts, apart from a little symbol near the clock that wants to me to restart after an update. But it just sits there patiently, doesn’t even bring up a little balloon to nag me.

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    I’ve had a Acer 720 for a week.

    It’s awesome – and gets used for just about everything.
    ( The only thing I’ve used the new laptop for is ripping CDs/DVDs. And even the so-called “instant startup” in Windows 8 takes an age compared to the Chromebook. )

    What rocks is the small lightweight size – so don’t rule out an 11″ screen. If I want a big screen I just chromecast straight to the TV.

    Had intended to buy an HP11 but the Acer had a better battery life. I haven’t found anything that would require a fast processor.

    Do it – you won’t regret it

    (Reply typed on a Chromebook)

    Note added in edit: I might have to buy a second one because MrsStirlingCrispin is on the CB all the time and I have to wrestle it off her.

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    MTQG some acer stock at morgan computers on bargin price at the moment.

    Don’t get too wound up about hardware spec as even basic spec is more than adequate to handle chromium needs.

    USB peripheral support is limited so do research on workarounds or alternative products. Try and think more Web based services and Internet connected devices rather than dumb hardware and client software.


    Graham, you can’t install windows software on a chromebook. You can use it for things which you use an internet browser for (excepting things which require windows plugins like Garmin communicator etc). So great for browsing the net, web based Email, google docs etc.

    I’ve got an Acer C720 and the lightweight, crazy fast startup, long battery life and fuss free aspects of it make it a great little bit of kit.

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