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  • A couple of bits and pieces for sale…
  • jdizzle

    First up, I’ve got an Endura MT500 jacket for sale, mens size Medium. Great condition, not worn much as it was a bit tight on me around the neck / shoulders. Just been re-proofed and will see you through the rest of the sludge-fest that is British winter! Great condition, looking for £80

    Next i’ve got a set of the new Panaracer Cedric Gracia soft condition tyres in 26 x 2.1. Only ridden on them twice and they’re only 2 weeks old so they’re in as new condition (they still have the fury bits on them!) £45 for the pair (they are £39.99 EACH on Evans right now!!!)

    Moving on I’ve got an Easton “Vice” DH stem. It is 50mm long and looks strong enough to withstand a direct hit from a nuclear warhead. Its seen some action but is in perfectly serviceable condition with the odd scuff here and there. Looking for £10?

    Last up I’ve got a set of Easton Havoc mid rise bars. I think they’re 2009 spec and are un-cut, but as with the stem they are in perfectly usable condition with a few scuffs here and there is nothing wrong with them. £15?

    Please just ask if you’ve got any questions and I’ll happily fire some pictures across to anyone who wants them. Email me on Jamesd at caterham dot co dot uk



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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