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  • jackthedog

    What about an external eccentric BB that fits in a regular BB shell?


    Although I have a feeling they can’t run a granny ring, so you’d have to swap the BB out for a regular one if you wanted to run full gears.

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    The new Singular frame looks a possibility?
    Or how about a Voodoo or Kona with sliding dropouts?
    (the O-O frame does work very well, btw)


    I don’t like the idea of slotted Disc mounts, too much opportunity for rubbage.

    not in my experience

    what about sliding dropouts like paragons? voodoo, kona, orange p7?


    I have an old love/hate which would be perfect, so might be worth keeping an eye on the classifieds.

    or what about a singular? you will need stick on cable guides tho. but its not the end of the world as I seem to find the rust on my frames seems to propagate from these, even on bikes with 853 stickers 😉

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    As above, a new Orange P7 with sliding droputs would fit the bill nicely.


    Wow, thanks for the response guys.

    Ok, here’s hoping the SSUK still has the ‘oldest orange’ prize. I’m cracking out the welding torch and taking the clockwork on one last glory ride.

    Otherwise, I’m gonna start saving.

    Si C

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    Other options are the Whyte 19 which has very nice adjustable drop outs and the Santa Cruz Chameleon which now has an EBB.


    Any geared bike you like (your P7 maybe) and just run a tesnioner for the SS, run a SS kit on a normal rear wheel so the disk and pads etc all just mate up…

    I agree the EBB is a nice solution but also very restrictive to your choices.


    If you dont mind having an extra wheel hanging about how about an White Ind eccentric hub?



    Quick question to see how many possibilities exist.
    I recently snapped my old school orange clockwork which was singlespeeded. I loved the old school angles etc. etc. blah blah blah.
    I bought a genesis IO to replace it and really enjoy riding it. Thing is, there is now very little to seperate it from my P7 geared bike (’03).
    This got me thinking, what’s the point of doubling up all my bits, (wheels, bars etc. etc.) when I could have one frame, run it geared in the summer and SS in the winter. (My primary reason for singlespeeding is one of economics).
    I’m soon to move in to a little terrace house and my thoughts are, the fewer bikes the better, this is an opportunity to halve my mountain bikes.

    So… What exists for this purpose? My immediate thoughts were a dialled bikes love hate. EBB with gear hanger. Upon further enquiry realised that there were no cable stops, and in fact the new frame won’t even have a hanger.
    There’s the new on-one but to be honest, I don’t like the idea of slotted Disc mounts, too much opportunity for rubbage.

    I think the EBB is an awesome solution an provides a truly versatile solution. Unfortunately it looks like I’m in a market of one. Not likely a bike company is gonna stump up the frame.

    Does anyone know of a company which makes a suitable frame or is my only option custom braze-ons or running full cables?

    Thanks chaps.

    Si C


    Wiredchops, give Sanderson a call regards the Soloist frame, I think they might have something that would suit your needs.My mate recently got one which still had the full Ritchey drop-out/ mech hanger on it.
    Independent – 01299 400008

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    Voodoo wanga or similar with sliding dropouts and hanger, like this


    Thanks again chaps,
    Yup, it looks like the Wanga is a good solution. Steel, cheap, (v.important :-)) and a disc mount where the hub and disc caliper is constantly aligned. Oh yeah, it also has all the cable stops required.

    Voodoo was also a desire of mine when I were a 16 year old lad getting into mountain biking.

    tinsy. Used a tensioner before. not a massive fan to be honest.

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