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  • A big thank you to Nirvana cycles
  • peteandsoo

    went in today as I needed a tool to rectify a repair I had made( ( sheer knobbery on my part). The chap in the shop ( the owner I think), rather than sell me the tool offered to remove the part for me – no charge. Saved my day and a good few quid. Thats a service I will remember! Just proves how valuable bike shops are.

    Once again thank you Nirvana!

    ps he also had some Evil bikes for sale at a fantastic price, if I only had the money….


    Heard they are selling Focus also now which seem pretty good value.


    Smells like team spirit.


    Great little shop

    They do do Focus bikes now. Just bought a Jam Evo from them and it’s great!


    I used to live next door, got on really well with the owner (Simon) – who is also a hi-fi nut.

    Good range of stock, and often lends tools/advice to those in need. Long may indy shops like this exist.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Great shop, owners (husband and wife) and rides. Sadly it’s not my local shop any more but I’ll still take my bikes there when they need work. Bought my Giant (way back in 2006) and Transition from them and they built that my Cotic.


    I met those guys back in 1998 shortly after the shop opened – what a passionate bunch. They already had go pro style videos of their organised local rides at the time, including Prodigy music…
    Will try and pop in when I am next in Peaslake…almost 20 years later…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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