£99 Nook HD v £69 kindle v £109 (reduced to £69) kobo glow light. Advice pls.

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  • £99 Nook HD v £69 kindle v £109 (reduced to £69) kobo glow light. Advice pls.
  • My daughter is thinking of treating herself to an e-book with some birthday money but the choice seems confusing.
    I think part of the problem might be she is not entirely sure what she wants from it as taking more time to look at these their facilities open up other possibilties. we are now at the position with the following in mind. Basic £69 kindle probably the most efficient book with the best support? Kobo is on offer for the same money with the backlight. Is this as good/well supported. But…for £30 more she could get a nook hd from John Lewis with a 2 yr warranty and they seem to be leaning towards a full blown tablet as well so could be much more versatile, but perhaps not as good a reader?
    Any views here please.

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    I’ve only used the standard Kindle (borrowed from my stepdaughter) and a Kindle Paperwhite, which I’ve had since Christmas.

    The Paperwhite is superb – much less strain on the eyes than a tablet and the backlight is superb.

    Loads of great free books available and a quality bit of kit.

    My favourite gadget at the mo.

    Glad I didn’t get a tablet instead.


    Where I live in London, you can get free library ebooks for Kobo, but not for Kindle. Not sure about Nook.

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    If she just wants to read books get a Nook Simple Touch, it’s cheap, reads like paper and uses eBook files so you have lots of options on books.

    +1 Paperwhite. Awesome device. No experience of the others though.


    I have the bog-o kindle, and it’s the best gadget type thing i own. I can’t comment on the others, but for it’s purpose i can’t think of a single way to make it better.

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    Would perhaps be wary of the Nook HD – whilst it is based on Android it does not have the full Google eco-system. May be possible to root it to get the full experience but to be honest for that money look for a refurb Nexus 7.

    If it comes down to a fight between straight ebook readers I have a Kindle and can’t see me jumping ship any time soon. Just so easy and convenient to use and can get books from places like Project Gotenburg for free and use Calibre to convert to a Kindle friendly format.

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    I have the koboglo – I didn’t realise just how much I would use it, it’s ace; the kobo handles lots of different formats unlike the kindle so if it is reduced to 70 quid then go for it


    You can root all of the nooks to put a version of android on even the e-ink ones which means you can have kobo and kindle apps on board.

    I use my ipad mini most of the time with the kindle app. There are many sources of .mobi files on the internet that you can send to the kindle app. So kindle’s are aren’t as closed off as you’d imagine. Also I have no problem reading from the LCD screen, even in bright light.

    The wife has a kobo mini, that’s also pretty good.

    To be honest, whichever one you like the look of. They’re all pretty good.

    edit –

    Worth a read before buying a nook, didn’t know this

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    ^ Just as you can with Kindles you can back your Nook books up using Calibre I think. Bit of a faff but worth it to keep your library secure.

    I have it so I can load my entire Kindle on to a different brand of reader altogether if necessary…

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