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  • Dorset_Knob

    I had a 944 S2. Best car I’ve owned or driven by far.

    One of those cars that seems better than the sum of its parts, always quicker than you think, ageless good looks. Details: the back seat folds to make a flat floor but still leaves a little cubbyhole you can use for cameras and things; the reading light makes a nice little puddle of light in your lap without a bright light by your eyes to distract you at night; the driving position.


    Lots of glass + relatively small cabin volume + no air-conditioning = too hot to use in summer. Especially if your window winders and sunroof are bust like mine were.


    911 GT2 in knob red please


    I had a 924 as my first car(!) but it was already around 20 years old when I got it. As long as you didn’t have to accelerate, brake or start the engine it was great! I bought a lemon and never ending electrical problems that meant randomly when I turned the ignition key nothing would happen. One time the opposite happened and nothing happened when I turned the ignition key off! Plenty of smoke though…. The head gasket blew a couple of times too. On the upside, there was plenty of room for a mountain bike, camping gear, beer etc and it wasn’t too bad on gas (mainly because the return trips were usually on the back of a recovery truck). I couldn’t see myself in a 944 though due to yuppy status. I’d still love a 928 though.

    Not all 924s were slow….


    my 944 had air-con and heated seats you have to find a good car with the extras,go for a manual box and an oval dash as they look more modern so post 1985. dont be afraid of high milage mine had 280k on it and was Full porsche service history – as re mountain bike this was my biking car too – the funny looks turning up to the woods in one of these!

    ive had 3 944s and 6 alfa 156’s all with out problems – I have only sold out this year to renault but my megane is a pile of crap but does 56mpg mixed :/

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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