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  • 9 Speed rear mech – XTR, XT or what???
  • Premier Icon njee20

    I’d have (or do have) XTR myself, but I’d really struggle with the economics of a £100 mech for a bike used every two years…

    Not seen any particular issues with the carbon cage, so if cost really doesn’t matter then I’d go XTR.

    Premier Icon boriselbrus

    If you have snapped the cage you can get replacements. Much cheaper than a new mech. I bought a snapped XTR and replced the ack part of the cage with one from an XT mech for about a tenner. Still going strong several years later.

    Try Petra Cycles.


    Went out on my first club MTB ride for over 2 years last night and managed to snap my rear mech 🙁

    So I need a new 9 speed rear mech. I was gunna get the XTR (M972 Shadow) cos the extra ‘R’ definitely makes you go faster, but I had one of these a few years back and broke it in under a couple of months. Reading around suggests that the carbon cage is a mega weak point???

    That leaves the XT (M772 Shadow) which also seems to get mixed reviews with regards to strength.

    XTR is £100 from CRC and XT is £45. I’m not too bothered about the cost, but I don’t want to be replacing mechs every month.

    What’s the general consensus (ignoring price difference)?



    I do wonder what people do to their bikes if they snap rear mechs. Maybe im just lucky, or careful.


    XT = great, will work, will last, will keep going for years
    XTR = great, will work, will last and should keep going but is lighter, more trick and more bling.

    either will do. pays yer money and makes yer choice.


    For general use just stick to XT, if you want to cut costs SLX is fine, if you have money to burn XTR.

    Spend the money on the shifter not the mech!

    Premier Icon thomasgeorge

    Hi Matt, thought of going 10 speed, I have full set of xtr kits for sale. Look under my post from a few days ago, or drop me an e-mail.


    @njee20 – Like it! hoping to ride more that once in two years now 😀
    @boriselbrus – I’ll look into replacing just the cage if it goes again
    @bigyinn – Just bad luck I think. I’m not a heavy rider and am generally pretty smooth but both broken mechs were result of sticks in mech/wheel.
    @ti_pin_man – like it!
    @mrmo – how you doin’ mo?! Already got XTR shifters 🙂
    @thomasgeorge – tempted, but just forked out on new brakes and lights so don’t wanna burn TOOOOO much $$$ just yet.

    I think I’ll go XTR! 🙂

    Thanks all!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I have a medium-cage 9-speed XT in the garage incidentally, if you want it…


    Just go with Deore unless you like giving money away. In fact buy the deore and give me the difference I will think you are ace. Buying XT or XTR will make .0001% difference to your riding but may give you a warm fuzzy feeling as you know you have bought “the best”. You can get an even more warm fuzzy feeling for cheaper by peeing in your wetsuit in the north sea.


    I sold one once. I remember thinking the 2nd hand value of XTR 9 speed mechs was poor for the seller, good for the buyer! You might be able to get a bargain on ebay


    The XTR shifts better and 60g lighter if you are that way inclined. What about the non shadow 971(?) XT with a stiffer hanger or if you are thinking of the XTR cost wise what about a mid cage Saint if they still do them?


    SLX shadow here and does what it should on my 456. Really happy with it and was cheap too.


    I bought an slx to replac an old xtr mech. Works fine. Price was bob on and really like the look of it. Do you Need xtr or want it?

    Premier Icon ransos

    I have an XTR mech which replaced an XT. I detect no functional difference between the two, so I’d save your money unless you really like the look of the carbon cage.


    Scamper – Member

    The XTR shifts better
    Really? Better than what?

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