9 mountain bikes and 1 motorbike stole in Cardiff this weekend

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  • 9 mountain bikes and 1 motorbike stole in Cardiff this weekend
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    Scum. Hope he catches up with them!


    thats propper crap!

    i HATE scumbags that do this stuff 😈

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    My mate had 9 bikes and his motorbike stolen this weekend, he spent some time recently securing the garage after we had a break in.

    Obviously he’s totally gutted. I’ll be doing what I can in terms of searching, and he’ll be letting people know too.

    What went:

    Black Giant Anthem X1 large, Fox 100 forks, Hope pro2s on Crest Rims, KCNC seat post in red
    Red Giant Anthem X3 large
    Black Santa Cruz Heckler, Chris King Wheels and Reverb
    Koga CX
    Koga Signature Road bike
    Koga Carbolite Alfine hub
    An ally HT
    Giant Anthem X4 small

    Kawasaki ZX6R, green and black with a number 58 on the front and back.

    If you see anything, reply to my email address in my profile.

    This has to stop, someone like my mate works incredibly hard to pay for his kit, he trains really hard and has done really well in races too; just for someone to come along who doesn’t deserve anything to steal his hard earned property.



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    Bump for the morning crowd

    Premier Icon wonny j

    Not good.

    Catch up soon with you and z


    Posted this on our FB page and shop forum, we are a friendly shop on the outskirts of Caerphilly and will certainly keep eye’s out regarding any bike that comes in for work/part-ex.

    Premier Icon stevemorg2

    Wherabouts in Cardiff? – will keep my eyes peeled!

    ron jeremy

    Worth mentioning to some of the local smaller shops, I’m in Bridend area and will keep my eye out for them


    Thanks Rikon for spreading the word.

    It was my bikes that were stolen, 10 in total as I had a bike of a colleague in for a repair too.

    Stolen from Mynachdy Road / Llandaff North area of Cardiff Saturday Night / Sunday morning

    Details and images posted on my blog:


    Thank to all in the bikeworld who are helping me out. Gutted is not the word.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    That’s got to be a pro job that, you’d need a van to shift all that lot and a good few minutes to load it all up. Did the neighbours not see/hear anything?


    Sucks and no one does anything about it.Mate had two stolen in Cheltenham in a week.perhaps we should start to have vigilante groups.Thats a heavy motobike to lift into the van.Rate its going in 5 years no one will bother buying bikes to much hassle.Hope he gets them back.


    Posted to Cyclopaedia and around Cardiff JIF. good luck it sucks,


    Sorry to hear rickon really gutted for you mate,
    i live just outside Blackwood and I had a break in at 4am this morning but luckily the alarm scared them off. This time last year over the bank holiday weekend I had another break in but my little border terrier saved my bike by alerting me but I feel uneasy now as this the second time it’s happened.
    Last year when they had the first attempt I was informed that 9 bikes were stolen in that one night around the blackwood area.
    I think it’s the same people doing it and unfortunately once you’ve been targeted once I think they’ll keep coming back
    I hate the scum bags

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