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  • 9-10 speed conversion derailleur advice
  • philbert31

    I changed from a triple to single 36t chainring earlier in the year, I’ve ridden it with the 9 speed cassette for a while but fancy upgrading to 10 speed xt shadow + but will I be ok using a medium cage derailleur rather than short as I can’t seem to find any shorts for a reasonable price.

    I know this will have been done to death already but I can’t seem to find any definite advice in the search bar.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

    Ta , Phil

    Premier Icon simondbarnes

    Yeah, it’ll be fine

    edit: presuming you’ll be using 10spd cassette, chain and shifter.

    Premier Icon captaindanger

    Yes, or long would work fine it’s just far longer than you need. 36 teeth! Good effort!



    36 teeth, that’s partly why I’m thinking about an extra sprocket 🙂

    Zee German sites have the Zee short cage mech for under £50.

    edited for one time only comedy value…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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