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  • 819 vs flow vs arch
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    okay – so 819’s are 550 grm including the nipple thingumy’s

    flows 470 g, arch 440g

    how much does rims tape etc weigh to run flows and arch tubeless ?


    Premier Icon br
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    Go Crest, at about 350g

    25mm yellow tape works out at about 20g + stans valve 20g.

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Yellow rimtape weighs about 8 grams. Valves are about 15g for the short ones. (819 needs a valve too o’course)

    Flow is a bigger, stronger rim than the 819… TBH Mavic don’t seem all that interested in competing, people still buy them I suppose so why bother? There’s nothing wrong with my 819s but they don’t compare to the Flows.

    Can’t speak for the others, I figured that the weight penalty of the Flow is small for the peace of mind.

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    I found one of the biggest differences between say a flow and a crest is what it does to the tyre – the flows width seems to make the tyre half a size bigger than when inflated on the smaller crest.

    Premier Icon mboy
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    Minor point, but the Mavic’s are about 510g each including the nipple beds. I’ve weighed a couple and this was what they came in at anyway.

    Flow is a bigger, stronger rim than the 819…

    Errr, it’s wider, I’m not sure it’s any stiffer or stronger though. I’ve seen (and used) 819’s take all sorts of punishment and stay straight as a die, and they’ve got a ridiculously stiff profile. Flows are great, and give a nice wide footprint for wider tyres, but there’s less metal in there, hence the fact they are lighter!

    If you don’t want to run tyres wider than about 2.3″, and you want the stiffest rims you can get, go for the 819’s. If you’re going to run wider tyres, and want a bigger footprint, well the Flow’s will be perfect.

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    My 819s definately don’t take hits as well as my Flows… The Flows are a little chewed after a year on the bike that gets the hardest use, the 819s are in worse condition after about the same, on a bike that gets less hard use. Same tyres, usually, same pressures.

    Staying true, I can’t really comment on since that’s so much down to the build, I don’t think the 819 build was as good as the Wheelpro build on the Flows so the fact they’ve needed a fair bit of tweaking might be down to that.

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