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  • 80-120mm adjustable forks
  • Premier Icon Tim
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    Hey all

    starting to peruse the classifieds and ebay for forks for my Charge Duster

    Looking for :
    Not too Heavy


    About 100mm travel, but would like to be able to wind it up for the descents and playtime and wind down/lockout for the climbs. So about 80-120mm adjustability. 120 is the max though

    Not silly money SH[/list]

    Oh, and QR – Maxle is undoubtedly brilliant, but dont want to buy a new front wheel for this bike

    whats out there?



    Premier Icon Mackem
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    I have some PACE RC40's adjustable from 90mm to 130mm. They are very good but need a service big time. Living outside of the UK makes getting a service a right faff and means a long time without a bike, maybe its's something you are interested in? Then I could buy something I can get serviced locally.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob
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    U-Turn Recons

    I've ran them for a couple of years and they're excellent

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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