8 Year Old Enduro 'v' New Zesty 214? … or similar

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  • 8 Year Old Enduro 'v' New Zesty 214? … or similar
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    Hi all

    1st post. I have a well spec'ed 2002 Enduro FSR, it's XT/HOPE/Easton with Pace RC41 XCAM's. Set up as long travel and shock etc all serviced and working well so in theory a 130mm travel bike.

    Only issue is it looks a bit rough and all my mates have shiny new toys and I feel that a new toy will revive my love of MTBing.

    So the question split into 2 halves!

    Part 1: Is a well spec old bike as good as a new bottom end all mountain machine say Zesty 214 or similar?

    Part 2. Riding has flagged as I'm now dad to 2 great kids and need to get back into MTB but am I kidding myself that the old rig is the problem?

    Comments appreciated.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    1. Yes.
    2. Yes.

    I ride a well specced 10 year old frame and I know it is not the limiting factor.

    Take your bike apart strip the paint have it resprayed round the local car body shop, stick some new decals on it job done 50 quid and you'll be happy as larry.

    Then get out and ride.

    1) No. You can't polish a turd. Not to say your bike is a turd, it's actually very good. But suspension technology has come on quite a way in the last 8/9 years. As has geometry, IMHO.

    2)No, that's just life slowly killing you.


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    If you are at brookscycles.co.uk that's a very nice looking holder page. Like it very much. Take your point re: geometry etc but polished turb is paid for and means savings stay put … forgot to factor that in. Have found Zesty 214 with £400 off though so very tempting.

    Re: life … damn maybe I'll just give into it all and have another donut!

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    On one 456? That and some new inner and out cables to give it that new bike feeling. Cost about the same as a respray, might even be in profit if you sell the enduro frame.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    But suspension technology has come on quite a way in the last 8/9 years.

    Has it really though? sure the marketing says so but the designes have not changed that much and that bike was well rated.

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    There is really nowt wrong with your enduro. But then again there was nowt wrong with my 2005 S-Works FSR either but I bought a Blur LT anyway!

    Undoubtedly suspension has moved on though, it was the main difference I noticed when moving from an older full sus to a new one EDIT by suspension I really mean shock technology an FSR is still an FSR etc

    I ran an 03 S-Works Enduro for about 3-4 years and an 04 until last year. Both were totally sound in terms of ability, i.e they had more than me:)

    Don't know anything about the Zesty but I'd sure as hell say just get out on your bike and enjoy the trails.

    If its riding that makes you happy, any bike will do.

    I very reluctantly had to sell an IndyFab a year or go. I now ride an inbred which is no way near the same league of bike, But i still spend all week looking forward to my next ride and smiling all the way round the trail.

    Yes and yes. Get fit again, get the frame re powdered if it really bothers you then whup your mates asses / new toys on your 8 year old relic. Can't be anything more satisfying than that now can there? 😉



    I think we've got an early frontrunner for the "shoehorning in of a 456 into a what bike thread competition 2010" award.

    02 Enduro Vs 10 Zesty? 456

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