8 speed obsolescence.

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  • 8 speed obsolescence.
  • I’ve got an old Gary Fisher on a 8 speed dual mech brake/shifter setup. The drivetrain and bb are shot so new drivetrain,cassette and chain require replacement. Could I simply use a 9 speed crank with new 8 speed cassette and chain (using existing shifters) or do I need to source a new 8 speed crank? Don’t want to spend much as it’s an old knockabout.


    yes you can.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    no probs with 9 speed crank/rings + 8 speed cassette and chain. I dun it.


    You can practically use what you want for 8/9spd with anything as long as you stay within manufacturer (do what you want with chains).

    I’m still running 8spd on my all-mountain bike: hg51 cassette, 9spd chain (sram PC951), 10spd mech (zee), some unknown/vintage shimano 8spd shifter, works component n/w ring (renthal SR4 in the past which are supposedly 9spd only), deore m590 cranks.

    Premier Icon MartynS

    I ran 8 speed chains on 9 speed cranks/rings for years
    As it happens I have a brand new 8 speed cassette and chain I don’t need
    Mail me if you want…!

    Thanks for the advice gents. And thankyou Martyn for the offer. I may well message you later.



    Currently running 9speed chainset and rear mech with 8 speed block and sti’s

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