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  • 7 stanes trail status
  • wrstevens
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    Hi all,
    Off up the road next week,looking to ride some of the stanes but can’t seem to find much info on what’s open. Any info from locals/peeps that have been recently would be much appreciated.
    Looking at Dalbeattie,Mabie,Ae and Kirroughtree.


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    Kirro is all open.But there is a Duathlon on 14/15 May .

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    Dalbeattie has been devastated. Unless you know the forest not recommended as the red route is blocked at several places.

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    Is Trailforks trail reports any good?


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    Facebook group here might help.

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    Rode Kirrougtree in full last Friday, was running sweet, no closures.

    Plan was to do Dalbeattie on the Saturday but closed so rode Mabie instead. One closed section near the start. Some people were still riding it though. Could have been the fact it was my 3rd day riding (and my legs and ass were done in) but it felt like a lot of climbing for not enough descent. Not sure I’d recommend overall but there are some fun bits.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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