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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Have a look at Dumfries for more pub choice.


    Where abouts will you be staying ?


    We are staying at the camp site at Sandyhills


    Hi Folks

    I’m planning a weekend trip to the 7 Stanes for my brothers stag do next month and I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good pubs in the Dalbeattie area? I’m thinking more of a “nice pint and a decent meal” than a “red bull and strippers” kind of establishment.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, its a bit difficult sorting this out from Australia.



    Premier Icon Sqwubbsy

    If you are staying at sandyhills there is the barend bar just a few minutes walk from you campsite. They serve food.

    Another option would be the seaside village of kipford which is a few miles along the coast road.

    If you want more of a choice or a pub crawl then as mentioned above you’d have to go to dumfries. That would mean someone driving or a taxi.


    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Another vote for Kipford. Great pub, right on the sea front. How many of you are there? The cottage next to the pub is a holiday let and its great too.

    Magnet Cottage, Kipford.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    The Steamboat at Carsethorn is pretty good for an evening meal, and has the Auld Byre cottage.

    The Anchor in Kippford. Decent food decent pint but chuffing busy with the boatists come spring/summer.


    Anchor @ Kipford +1.

    Perfect setting and good food.


    Thanks for the advice, Kippford sounds like it might be the go. Mind you the Barend Bar does sounds like some sort of early 90s mountain bike themed bar.


    Another big vote for Anchor @ Kipford

    Visiting twice last weekend whilst staying next to Dalbeattie trail centre

    Amazing food and a great selection of beers. I thoroughly recommend the steaks!!

    Premier Icon trusty

    + however many for kipford. We’ve tried Dumfries for food and beer and not had a great experience. Spoons is ok, got ripped off in the curry house across the road from Spoons and didn’t find any of the pubs in town that friendly


    +1 Kippford only seconded by Barrend which is nice enough and within staggering distance of Sandyhills Campsite.


    Kipford is great as is the fabulous establishment in haugh of urr. Lady lady is Brill and if you mention my name she is sure to throw you out. Enjoy


    What crashgav says me n the boys there for my stag do couple of weeks back. Excellent hospitality. Dalbeattie was typical small town night out tho. Fine but don’t expect too much.

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    The anchor is good. I really like the laurie arms in haugh of urr though. Very friendly and lovely food.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    There are a couple of good restaurants in Dumfries:

    – Casa Mia
    – Brunos

    “red bull and strippers”

    Won’t find any of that in Dalbeattie!

    You will find out what i mean when you get there 🙂

    Dumfries has much more choice for pubs and resturants and even a nightclub!

    Im heading to Dalbeattie in the summer with a few mates

    Seen your in the area – Kirroughtree is a must try!!! 🙂

    Premier Icon Trekster

    Foot flaps…those are the two I avoid even tho I am friends with the Casa owner!
    Cavens Arms is the default choice for most people these days for good pub grub. Does get very busy and a wait is a definite. Book yourself in and then nip round the corner to the Bizzare for some real ale or up the street to Witherspoons/The Bruce for some cheap p**h and crap service!
    India Palms is just up the street. Other Indian options are Jewel in the Crown on St Michael St which is currently undergoing renovations. Newest one is on Queen St beside Theatre Royal.
    Hullabaloo, good, expensive and probably need to book.
    Various Chinese, avoid Pearl Palace opposite Burns Statue……
    New Italian on St Michael St. Young girl running it has worked with one of the best local Italian chefs. Will be trying it shortly.
    Pizzeria I’ll Fume near Dock Park at end of St Michael St bridge is good, again would probably need booking unless you go early.

    Nith Hotel, bit out of the way but would be a good base. Probably good for a lockin 😉 Many a misspent night there in my younger days 😳

    Marthrown of Mabie and Mabie House Hotel pods are another option with easy(not cheap)taxi access into Dumfries. Book one for before midnight, get busy after that and not keen to travel out of town

    This is all assuming you change your plans

    The Italian and Indiarestruantsts in Dalbeatie are supposed to be good, cam vouch for the Italian but booking is essential.


    Mabie House Hotel has a restaurant which is fantastic and reasonably priced in really nice grounds… and at the trailhead for Mabie wood. Owners and staff are really welcoming and MTBiker friendly… for about £20 you will get top quality food.

    You don’t cook much do you John

    Premier Icon Trekster

    Yes I do, also get out a bit 😆

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