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  • 7 speed cassette on 9speed freehub
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    Spoke side is where it’s meant to go. IMO having a larger gap should mean it’s less likely to get jammed compared to normal.

    Putting it the other side will probably work though technically you’re then putting the rear mech geometry slightly out of line with where it’s mean to be for a given gear but I’d be suprised if that really caused problems.

    Also, the spacer doesn’t have teeth on it so the lock ring won’t properly lock onto it though again, it may well be fine.


    Option A



    Just about to tighten up the lockring, but before I do, here is my question:

    Should I put the 4mm spacer at the spoke side or the lockring side?

    Now I know logic dictates that I first put on the spacer and then the cassette ( ie spoke side ) , but this leaves a massive gap between the large cog and the spokes, perfect place for the chain to get stuck in and mangle the spokes.

    If the indexing is spot on and the derailleur limits set correctly then it shouldn’t be a worry, but would it not be safer if I put the spacer between the smallest cog and the lockring?
    And is there any reason I cant do this??


    I’m using a (mavic) spacer on my commuter and it has cutouts that locate with features on the cassette. Spoke side is correct.

    You won’t have any problems on the other side. The main point (though still fairly meaningless) is that your chainline won’t be strictly as nature intended. I think the change to 9sp freehubs coincided with the std chainline distance (centre of cassette and centre of chainset) being upped from 47.5mm to 50mm.

    But I may have some or all of that wrong.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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