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  • scruff

    Wife will be buying something for driving 3 young children to and from a nearby school and to middle class childrens parties, usually with a clown or magician. Shes set on a 2nd hand Volvo XC90- as her mates got one with 2 rows of sets. She wants 2 rows of back seats and a boot big enough for a Bill & Ted buggy, Hunter wellies, a pedigree bred large dog and some fairtrade shopping.

    I’ve managed to convince her she really doesn’t need the T6 engine for these tasks but failing to get her away from the requirement of a Female’s Battle Chariot.

    What options are there that aren’t a boxy funbus? £5k tops.

    She can get them all in my old V70 but shes keeps driving it into walls & leaving banana skins in the side pocket plus I never get to use the thing, I only really use it to drive to DH trails and visits to the tip.

    Premier Icon phillconnell

    Kinda fails on the “not a funbus” criteria, but I have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. 3 seats in the back, then 2 more forward-facing seats fold out from the floor of the bootspace. With the “dickie seats” away it’s a very big boot.
    With the normal back seats folded away (they fold individually) it’s also big enough to throw a proper bike in without taking any wheels off etc. I fold 2 down for bike moving, leaving 3 seats including driver.
    With all 7 seats used, there’s still a little boot space left.
    Should be some available 2nd hand, mine’s early 2008 and going strong. Little 1.6 turbo diesel but available with meatier engines.


    We’ve had an XC90 for 10 years and it’s still brilliant for this job (my kids are 1 x 13yo and 2 x 12yo). Space inside is really good and the extra 2 seats are just the job for karting round the kids friends.
    I wouldn’t touch a T6 (too thirsty) but check that a used XC90 has had the rwd splined shaft replaced unless it’s newer than an ’07 (I think).
    We had a v70 T5 as well for a few years but it was just too thirsty and not enough room for 5 of us + 2 dogs and all the usual prams etc.

    Not sure what £5k gets you though.


    sharkbait, were the shafts a recall or just rubbish?


    There a splined collar that connects the angle [gear]box to the propshaft for the RWD – on cars prior to ’07 this collar was made of cheese and the splines died on pretty much all cars resulting in loss of RWD, but there’s no error message.
    It can be fixed. A decent Volvo specialist should be able to do it for about £450 (upgraded repair part costs £100) but it’s a tricky job separating the old collar – not one for the home mechanic.
    To test the car get underneath and try to turn the propshaft by hand – if it turns its toast.
    Mine’s gone but is going in soon for repair. Rear hubs can also get noisy but can be replaced pretty easily yourself (hub costs about £120/side).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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