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  • 68mm compatible single chainring crankset 44T or 46T
  • weeksy
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    I’m after a new crankset for the turbo bike. I only need it to run a single ring as i don’t need the others for Zwifting and won’t be running a mech either on the front.

    So i guess it could be a double… It’s not like i need it to be pretty either.

    I’ve got a standard HT2 BB fitted, but not against a GXP or HT2 or whatever really.

    The only requirement is that it fits a 68mm frame, is fairly cheap and has a 44T chainring or bigger. 10 speed compatible.

    ideas appreciated.

    There’s things like this SRAM Apex but that’s 11sp and only a 42T…. So i don’t really know what to buy.

    I could run just a bigger ring on mine maybe ? But again, not sure what to buy… it’s running a generic spider/cranks and i’ve got a narrow wide on there, but can easily not be NW.

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    I’ve got a Force CX1 GXP crankset and. virtually brand new 50t chainring to go with it if that’s any use to you?
    It’s an 11 speed ring but I believe it’ll work with 10 speed.

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    It’s got potential mate. Wanna lob me a message with hoe much you’re after?

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    Square taper cracks from spa cycles. Around £25. Bottom bracket is around £12. Choose any ring you like. They’ll build it for you if you ask

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    There’s things like this SRAM Apex but that’s 11sp and only a 42T

    Definitely don’t buy an Apex crankset if you’re not happy with the stock ring as though they’re 110 BCD the spacing isn’t the same as anything else.

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    Can’t you just stick a bigger ring on the existing crankset?

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    I went cheap, Snail 46t ring and a nice new set of bolts on there. Seems quite nice.
    No testing though as had a decent muddy ride on Slayer today.

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