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  • 661 Sub (or other padded) shorts: Any good?
  • gazc

    i’ve got some fox ones and although i think they’re great for DH i wouldn’t want to be out on an all dayer in them. maybe other brands inc the 661 ones would be better

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve got a couple of pairs of 661s- a set of Bomber Pros and a set of Evos (d30). The Pros are basically dh kit- quite bulky. Very good coverage though.

    The Evos are xc-able, though a little sweatier than standard lycra shorts they’re not bad at all… But the protection’s not quite as good, the pads work but they’re not as complete, and weirdly no pads sit quite on the end of my hips which is probably a bit of a miss.

    I’ve crashed pretty hard in both without any issues (I have osteoperosis and a load of metalwork in my hip so that’s better than it sounds!). But I don’t wear them that often, the extra sweat level is just enough to be annoying.

    Premier Icon roverpig

    So, my latest crash necessitated a trip to A&E to patch up a fairly deep gash on my hip. Almost three weeks later it’s knitting together OK. Still a bit sore and a bit weepy, but getting there enough to risk a few gentle rides. But it’s got me thinking about a bit of protection for the hip area.

    Does anybody know if 661 sub shorts are comfortable enough for all day rides?

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Thanks. looking more closely at the 661 sub shorts it does look as though the padding stops just below the bit that I managed to cut and if they make the ride more sweaty there is a danger that they just wont get worn. Like my MT500 knee pads. Every time I crash I promise myself that I’ll wear the pads on all future rides (as I’ve only got one pair of knees and I quite like them). But the MT500s are just sweaty enough that I don’t bother.

    Maybe I should just crash less often.


    Paranoid of further injuries after a bad off a while ago I bought a pair of these. Unfortunately they are way too hot to wear for any length of time pedalling. OK for DH I suppose but impractical for general riding IME.

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