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  • 661 Evo knee pads, are they good?
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    Anyone using the Evo knee pads with the D30 armour? What are they like to wear, comfy? I want some knee armour to go under kevlar jeans when riding a motorcycle and though not usually a pad wearing MTBer (more xc mincer) I’m thinking dual purpose would be good. It’s what they are like for MTB I’m interested in, I’m sure they will be fine on the motorcycle.


    I wear them on long rides and forget they are on.

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    I had the last generation model, which were comfy, protected my knees nicely, but material on the sides completely fell apart of 2 years of not too frquent use.

    I now have the new ones (i am kind of stuck as have xlarge legs), and they seem to be built waaaaay better, have a much better shape, almost hardshell like protection, but I found the lowest point of the padding digs into the top of my shin below the knee. Not deal breaking, but annoying and only really appears after 2+ hrs riding.



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    Thanks, I will give them a go.

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