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  • 650b Road/Slick Tyre?
  • Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    A friend of mine has just placed an C2W order for a 650b Boardman HT.

    What are his options for some slick/road tyres?

    I’m not hugely familiar with 650b.

    Are slick tyres available.

    A quick google suggests yes but serval listings refer to an older 650b std.

    I’m confused!


    Premier Icon jonathan

    Current, on trend, 650b is ERTRO diameter 584mm – so use that to be sure.

    Schwalbe have one of the most comprehensive size charts I know of – useful in this day and age 😉


    Grand Bois tyres, eg Cypres. Made by Panaracer and allegedly very well made at that, good combinations of construction quality and grip/rolling resistance. Come in retro colour schemes too.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    you can get marathon plus tyres in 650b and they are probably the best commuters out there!

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    A quick google suggests yes but serval listings refer to an older 650b std.

    650b is old. the new 650b is the old 650b.

    since you mention “road” there is (and has been for a very long time) also 650c, which is a different size. common on ladies race bikes back in the 80’s iirc. and triathlon.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    seems like schwable no longer do 650b marathon plus(they definately did I received some by mistake once,

    anyway here are the ones I received and I think they would fit a 650b rim? even tho it says 26inch, very confusing
    but im not sure they still sell them

    but they do their greenguard versions which im sure are fine

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